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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Ramiz Raja slams news anchors and opposition for criticising PM Khan for price hike

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Cricketer-turned-commentator Ramiz Raja took a dig at TV channels and news anchors for giving coverage to the opposition and public’s protest of price hike under the new government of Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf. He expressed his anger over the aggressive shows on news channels targeting the new government in a tweet.

He lambasted people and told them they should blame themselves for the recent inflation and other issues as they have voted for and brought into power, incompetent leadership in the past ten years who had created havoc in Pakistan. He also rebuked political parties such as the PML-N and PPP for criticising the PTI government, reminding them that they were responsible for the damage done to Pakistan under their leadership.

“What’s gone wrong with our tv political shows and anchors? They have lost it-showcasing opposition’s morbid views who on their watch had fucked up Pakistan. If the public is feeling the “price pang” it bloody well deserves it for voting them in power for 10 yrs.#horchuppo” tweeted Ramiz Raja.

The removal of former finance minister Asad Umar, recent price hike and the talk of the bailout package from the International Monetary Fund has brought the leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf under immense public pressure.

The support of Ramiz Raja is crucial for Prime Minister Imran Khan at a time when his government is struggling to bring the economy back on track.

Ramiz Raja’s tweet, however, met mixed reactions from people on social media. Some acknowledged his right to give his two-cents on the politics and economy of Pakistan as a citizen while others disregarded his statement saying what did he know since he was only a cricketer.

The naysayers stated that being a cricketer Raja’s statement lacked an objective analysis of the current situation of Pakistan while others appreciated him for bravely calling out the previous political forces in Pakistan that has been responsible for its doom.