Rana Sanaullah threatens to block ID cards and passports of PML-N critics

Rana Sanaullah instructed the PML-N workers to send the video of the PTI supporters to the FIA's Director of Cyber Crime

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Minister for Interior Rana Sanaullah while hinting a crackdown against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers, said that the national identity cards and passports will be blocked for heckling against citizens and especially the leaders of Pakistan Muslim Legaue-Nawaz.

Taking aim at former prime minister and PTI chairman Imran Khan, the federal minister wrote in a series of Tweets that a “so-called political party” and its leader, who is suffering from insanity, had launched a campaign based on political enmity, malice, sedition, and mischief.

He advised especially the supporters of the PML-N that if they come across “sick followers of Imran Khan” while traveling in the bazaar or anywhere, and they start “roaring” or “biting” you, you can make their video from your mobile phone instead of taking the law into your own hands.

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He also elaborated the possible security measures to be considered by PDM government. Rana Sanaullah instructed the PML-N workers to send the video of the PTI  supporters to the FIA’s Director of Cyber Crime via WhatsApp or by tagging the FIA on social media in order to have the law enforcement authorities take strict action, including blocking their passports and ID cards.

PTI senior vice-president Fawad Chaudhry dubbed the Rana Sanaullah’s statement against PTI Chairman Imran Khan as fascism, saying that Rana Sanaullah is a ‘scarecrow,’ being used to protect the crop from birds. “He has the support of someone else to stand in the field and Rana Jee’s language is working because of that support”.

The PTI senior vice-president alleged that the hypocrisy ended with Rana Sanaullah, who shut down the entire country over a protest, tortured children and women. “He gets youth attacked with batons and the police to use tear gas and then later, he proudly says to have ordered a new stock of tear gas”.

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Mentioning Article-15 from his mouth, Fawad contended, is as if Indian PM Narendra Modi gives lecture on the religious freedom.

A prominent lawyer and human rights activist Reema Omar expressed her shock at minister’s tweets and asked him “What is meant by “roaring” or “cutting”? And under what law are these crimes? Before threatening to sue, arrest, block ID cards and passports, read and understand the right to “Freedom of Speech” enshrined in Article 19 of the Constitution of Pakistan.” She further added “restrictions must be found in law – not in a minister’s tweets and political rhetoric. The penalties must be found in law.”

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