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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Rather than dragging Rana Sanaullah from his mustache, Khan should sell KP performance and future policy?

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Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan lashed out at the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) provincial law minister and said that I will hold Rana Sanaullah from his mustache and will take him to prison, after coming to power.

He said I don’t know what to say about Abid Sher Ali. He is a stooge of PML-N leaders Nawaz and Shehbaz. Both of them have only a few months left, I will drive both of them to Adiala Jail, he added.

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Khan thanked the people of Faisalabad for the warm reception and expressed resolve to reduce unemployment in the country and termed it a serious problem facing Pakistan’s youth.

Khan said, he acknowledges that Faisalabad has the highest number of unemployed in the country. Khan claimed that he will change the system in the country and people from all over the world will come over to Pakistan seeking employment.

Imran said, with the help of youth and Junoon of PTI workers, PTI will defeat the biggest corrupt mafia in the country.

You will not find such a police force even in Europe.

-Imran Khan

Khan condemned PML-N leader for robbing the country and stashing Rs300 billion abroad.

Challenging the ‘mafia’, he said, Pakistan will stand in front of you. We will build strong institutions. He asked the audience to go and visit KP, “you will not find such a police force even in Europe.”

 He claimed that PTI has revolutionized the institutions in the country. Imran took credit for transforming the culture and structural elements of the institutions. He hailed exemplary police force of KP and claimed to have revolutionized the police by making it independent and depoliticizing it.

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Khan has long been the proponent of strong institutions.

It was the reason in KP rather than prioritizing the infrastructure development, he concentrated on building institutions. Crime levels and terrorism have come down, and people of KP respect police in the province. We will replicate the same system in Punjab and Sindh.

Unlike Punjab, KP police do not take orders from the CM house.

Khan said, such a country can never progress where a Chief Minister of the largest province Punjab – Shehbaz Sharif gets involved in extra-judicial killings through police. 

Imran asked how a country can progress where CM & his sons are involved in laundering the looted money abroad.

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Khan also paid tribute to PTI worker Haq Nawaz who was shot dead on December 8 in Faisalabad and said efforts of the martyr to stand against the tyrants of Faisalabad will not go in vain.

After witnessing the countrywide campaign of the father-daughter duo, PTI seems to have lost the battle in subsiding the efforts of Nawaz to play the victim card. Imran apparently fails to devise a strategy to counter Nawaz’s efforts.

Nevertheless, Khan is traveling to different Punjab cities to meet the local leadership to hear their concerns, election aspirations and to figure out the probable candidates from different constituencies.

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PML-N has been campaigning relentlessly against Nawaz’s double-ousting. PTI’s strategy to sell performance in KP has not been overwhelmingly successful, coupled with strong criticism of ruling party’s old antics.

It’s time that Imran builds a narrative aiming to counter PML-N’s vigorous campaign across the country which has apparently damaged PTI immensely.

Rather than bashing the opponents only, PTI must build a narrative on improvement in Patwari System, where bribes are no longer tolerated. It must inform the masses about the development of Ecitizens Grievance Redressal System with an objective to provide an effective grievance redressal mechanism for the citizens of KP especially the most vulnerable ones. It is an adequate effort to upgrade the justice system in the province.

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Moreover, reforms in Health system which is testified by doctors & availability must be better communicated. Education sector reforms and success of Billion Tree Tusnami recognized by World Economic Forum and many renowned international institutions can be a huge draw in next elections if used cleverly.

 Khan needs a renaissance before it’s too late to control damage inflicted by Maryam playing a successful victim card.