Rawalpindi Police arrests suspect who snatched bag from teacher

Netizens are hailing Rawalpindi Police who recently arrested a man involved in a street crime. The man violently snatched a teacher's purse due to which she was left severely injured.

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Rawalpindi Police on Friday arrested a suspect snatching a bag from a school teacher in the latest viral video. A video of the man snatching a bag from the school teacher in a street went viral on social media.

The video showed that the man on a motorbike snatched the purse from the burqa-clad teacher and dragged her which made the woman fall on her face on the other side of the road. The man fled leaving the woman helpless and injured.

The video triggered reactions from social media users who demanded the immediate arrest of the man. Earlier, some of the users assumed that it was a case of harassment, however, it was revealed that the man had snatched the purse of the school.

The woman was left shocked and disturbed following the incident. Some passers-by reached to help her out as shown in the video. The report says the incident happened when she was going to school early morning.

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Inspector General Punjab, Inam Ghani, appreciated the swift action and arrest of the suspect in the video. “Well done Rawalpindi Police for arresting this criminal who snatched the purse of your sister in the street. I am sure you will be able to keep him away from our streets and behind the bars for a long time,” said Inam Ghani in a tweet.

Rawalpindi Police said that the suspect Anis Iqbal tried to fire upon the law enforcement agencies, however, it backfired and hit Anis’s right wrist.

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Rawalpindi Police also posted pictures of arresting the suspect on Twitter.

“Rawalpindi police arrested Anis Iqbal for snatching a purse from a woman. CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younis took notice of the incident and ordered the immediate arrest of the accused. During the arrest, the accused tried to fire at the police, during which the accused fired his own pistol at his right wrist,” said the Rawalpindi Police in a statement.

The Police further informed the team has recovered the stolen money and purse from him, adding that Anis has a past criminal record. Netizens on Twitter hailed the quick action taken by the Rawalpindi Police for the arrest of the suspect.


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