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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Rawalpindi turns to panic buying as Azaadi March draws closer

The citizens of Rawalpindi have begun panic buying out of concern that the Azaadi March's entry into the city may result in higher inflation and a shortage of food supplies.

Residents of Rawalpindi city are frantically searching for fruits, veggies, and open market shops to stock up on food in order to prevent record inflation under extraordinary circumstances in the coming days.

Most public and private educational institutions have set midterm exams for November 21; however, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-(PTI) Insaaf’s ‘Azaadi March’, which is anticipated in the city in a few days, will not only cause panic and fear among the populace but will also disrupt educational activities everywhere. A red alert has been sent to the city’s authorities for this Friday.

On Sunday or Monday, the PTI’s “Azaadi March” is anticipated to arrive in Rawalpindi. Another notification to close all educational institutions in Rawalpindi city on Monday may be issued by the Deputy Commissioner (DC).

PTI is coming to shut down Rawalpindi city, said Sharjeel Mir, president of Markazi Anjuman-e-Tajraan Rawalpindi (MATR). People were already losing their lives to hunger, poverty, unemployment, inflation, and a lack of law and order, but PTI was stoking the flames with its bogus “Azaadi March.”

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) long march is currently being protected by 10,000 police officers, including commandos from the Elite Force and sharpshooters, who have been positioned throughout the city.

500 members of the Punjab Highway Patrolling Police (PHP) and 101 reserves of the Punjab police would be on watch and ready for the long march. Thirteen senior superintendents of police (SSPs) and superintendents of police (SPs) would supervise the deployment of 122 commandos and 38 sections of the Elite Force as part of the increased security measures. The district’s 91 female police officers and 1,194 traffic police officers will also be responsible for security. The Punjab government has given directives to ensure that full security measures are done to protect the march participants in Rawalpindi following the attempted murder of PTI Chief Imran Khan.

The District Intelligence Committee (DIC) decided to give the PTI’s “Azaadi March” foolproof security at a meeting that was also held here at the Commissioner’s Office.

When “Azaadi Mach” enters the city, the Punjab Metro Bus Authority (PMBA) has planned to halt bus operations between Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Syed Shahzad Bukhari, the city police officer (CPO) of Rawalpindi, resolved not to spare any effort to protect the lives and property of the general populace. Participants in the “Azaadi March” will be completely safe, he vowed. He declared that the “Azaadi March” will be tightly supervised by CCTV cameras.

Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI, is anticipated to fly into the city from Lahore on November 19 or 20. A team made up of MNAs Amir Mehmood Kiyani, Asad Umar, and Ghulam Sarwar Khan is in charge of making preparations for his lodging in Rawalpindi.

The former premier will be transported to the city on Saturday in a brand-new, bomb-proof, extremely secure special container.

However, the plan has not yet been authorised. It has also been suggested that the PTI chairman remain at Punjab House in Rawalpindi.

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Additionally, hundreds of restrooms have been constructed along Murree Road at various locations for marchers.

Upon the arrival of the long march participants in Rawalpindi, the Murree Road from Mareer Chowk to Faizabad will be blocked to all general traffic, while the alternate route on Rawal Road and the Islamabad Expressway will remain available.

On the metro bus track, a sizable police and ranger presence will be present. The most sensitive parts of the cantonment are now under the control of law enforcement. A control room has been put up to keep an eye on the marchers, and a special control room has also been installed in the military area.

Upon the arrival of long march participants at the garrison city, cellular and internet connections will be interrupted.

Additionally, it has been agreed to observe the participants from the air and with drones. All hospitals in the city and cantonment have been placed under emergency conditions, and all gas stations along the route of the long march will be shut down entirely.