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Monday, April 15, 2024

‘Real Karma’: PTI reminds Maryam Nawaz that the tables have turned

The ruling party, PTI, reminded PML-N leader, Maryam Nawaz about 'real Karma' through an old tweet of her's on Monday.

The ruling party, PTI, reminded PML-N leader, Maryam Nawaz about ‘real Karma’ through the latter’s old tweet on Monday. An old tweet of Mariyam’s, resurfaced on social media on Monday, in which she derided the then opposition party PTI, when her party was in power back in 2014.

The post has been selected and re-shared by the social media team of the current ruling party, PTI, in a bid to remind Nawaz how tables have turned and time has changed. PTI had posted the snapshot of the tweet on its official Facebook page on Monday.

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Mariyam Nawaz had mocked PTI for protesting on various issues in her tweet. The leading lady of PML-N had criticized PTI for protesting on the distribution of laptops, metro bus projects, the rigging of elections, and other issues. She in scathing remarks had said that perhaps crying and protesting is the destiny of Imran Khan, the chairman of PTI. Mariyam Nawaz said she feels sorry for the then opposition party in her tweet.


Now, the ruling party in a tweet showed Mariyam the mirror and reminded her how she is following the same course of actions. The tweet has resurfaced at the time, when Nawaz has been blasting the government for rigging the recent Gilgit-Baltistan elections, after suffering a crushing defeat. Nawaz has accused PTI of pre and post-poll rigging in her statements following the elections.

“Maryam Safdar tweeted on “Karma” yesterday. Let us remind her what “real Karma” is. Dear Maryam Safdar,” wrote PTI social media team.

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“We request that you don’t lose heart and keep going because we need you to lead PMLN in 2023 as well. Shukriya!,” the FB post read further.

The post generated humongous reactions on social media. Internet users shared hilarious comments under the FB post. Meanwhile, social media users pointed out the arrogance and vindictiveness of Nawaz against her opponents.