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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Reham accuses Imran Khan of ‘cheating’ during their marriage

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Reham Khan, the former wife of Imran Khan, has accused him of being unfaithful with her while they were married. She claims Imran Khan cheated on her with his now third wife, Bushra Maneka, when they were married.

These allegations came in the wake of Imran Khan’s third marriage with his spiritual guide Bushra Maneka in a private ceremony in Lahore on Sunday, 17th February 2018. She made these allegations during an interview to ‘The Times’.

“Imran Khan was in contact with Bushra three years ago when I was his wife and he is not the truthful man,” she said.

Reham Khan further claimed that Imran Khan has been lying about his third marriage with Bushra Maneka all this time, since according to her he tied the knot with his spiritual guide two months ago on January 1st, 2018.

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“I knew they married on January 1, and he revealed it later, this is exactly what he did after marrying me and then announcing after two months,” she remarked.

The news of Imran Khan’s third marriage earlier emerged in the beginning of the current year in January. Pakistani journalist, Umar Cheema, claimed earlier that Khan tied the knot last year on December 31st, 2017.

Prior to his third marriage, Imran Khan, 65 married a British-origin woman Jemima Goldsmith in 1995. Khan has two sons from this marriage. The couple was divorced eventually in 2004 after a long separation.

Khan then married Pakistani-origin, BBC journalist Reham Khan in 2015. Their marriage survived 10 months. After three years, Khan has again tied the knot, this time with his spiritual guide Bushra Maneka, on February 18th,  2018.

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Imran Khan’s third marriage received mix reaction from the political fraternity and civil society. His followers extended earnest wishes, while his critics have questioned his political will and determination towards his party.

Critics claim that the timing of Khan’s marriage is incomprehensible, as his party has to cope with a shocking defeat in the Lodhran by-elections, just a few months before the General Elections.