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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Reham Khan unhappy with Bushra Maneka’s hijab

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Reham Khan, former wife of Imran Khan confronted heavy criticism on social media following her tweet in which she criticized Bushra Maneka’s hijab. She shared the picture of Bushra Maneka covering herself from head to toe with another picture of a girl in hijab, calling Maneka’s hijab a ‘political hijab’.

“I have all the respect for women who observe hijab for personal reasons. I object to right-wing vote pick up efforts,” Reham Khan tweeted.


She criticized Bushra Maneka’s hijab and claimed, it was done with a political agenda, to woo the conservative Islamist groups in the upcoming general elections.

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Her contemptuous comments irked Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf supporters. Many people have called out Reham Khan for her comments and labelled them as an outcome of jealousy and insecurity. Supporters of Imran Khan called Reham Khan’s actions ‘religious policing’.

Reham Khan, however, has been passing negative comments on Imran Khan’s third marriage with Bushra Maneka. In recent days, she has come up with multiple allegations against Imran Khan and his associates.

She earlier claimed that her staff was threatened by PTI members to stall the publishing of her book that according to her contains some shocking revelations about Imran Khan. She further said she was forced to leave the country to ensure the safety of her family.

In her latest interview, she accused Imran Khan of cheating on her when they were married. She alleged that Imran Khan and Bushra Maneka had a relationship outside marriage when she was married to him.

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Also in her latest interview to a British publication, she said Imran Khan is too tired to become the leader he dreams of being.

Imran Khan is yet to respond to the criticism of Reham Khan. The media wing of PTI and the followers continues to strongly defend Imran Khan from his detractors.