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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Reham Khan’s Controversial Love Story: How Her Children Reacted to Her Third Marriage

Reham Khan, the British-Pakistani newscaster known for her controversial statements against ex-husband Imran Khan, candidly shares her children's reactions to her third marriage.

Reham Khan, the renowned British-Pakistani newscaster, has often found herself in the spotlight for her controversial claims and opinions. Her private life, marked by high-profile marriages and divorces, has garnered as much attention as her career. In a recent revelation, Khan shared insights into her third marriage and how her children reacted to this significant life event.

A History of Marriages

Reham Khan, a mother of three, first entered matrimony with Ejaz Rehman in 2005, a union that eventually ended in divorce. In 2015, she made headlines when she married former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, which also ended in divorce. Khan’s most recent marriage, in 2022, was to actor and social media sensation Mirza Bilal, despite a significant 14-year age gap.

Children’s Candid Reactions

During a guest appearance on a Podcast, Reham Khan candidly discussed her third marriage alongside her husband, Mirza Bilal. She revealed that her children, two daughters and a son from her first marriage, initially had reservations about her decision to marry again.

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“My kids felt the same way; they did not want me to marry a Pakistani man once more,” Khan remarked. She recalled that when she shared her intention to marry Bilal, her daughter was deeply upset and found it unreasonable. However, over time, her children and Bilal have developed a civil and positive relationship.

Words of Wisdom for Young Women

Beyond her personal life, Reham Khan offered valuable advice to young women during her podcast appearance. She emphasized the importance of financial independence and career success before settling down. According to the veteran journalist, everything else should take a back seat to personal and financial growth.

“Focus on your career and financial independence first; everything else comes later on,” Khan advised, encouraging young women to prioritize their professional aspirations.

A Career in the Spotlight

Reham Khan’s career has seen her transition from broadcasting weather reports on BBC to becoming a highly successful news anchor in Pakistan. She has interviewed numerous politicians and celebrities and has hosted shows on various channels. Her marriage to former Prime Minister Imran Khan further propelled her into the public eye.

With her recent marriage to Mirza Bilal Baig, Reham Khan continues to be a prominent figure in both the media and public discourse. Her candid revelations about her personal life, including her children’s reactions, offer a glimpse into the complexities of navigating love, family, and career in the public eye.