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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Rejoice Raees fans! Sequel for Mahira and Shah Rukh’s movie announced

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According to recent speculations on social media, fans may soon see a sequel to Mahira Khan’s ‘Raees’. 

‘Raees’ was Mahira’s Khan first venture in Bollywood. The actress then bagged massive appreciation from viewers and critics for her dazzling performance.

The recent reports of an international agency claim ‘Raees’ was the most pirated Hindi movie of 2017 which most likely affected its success or lack thereof, at the box office. 

In a Twitter conservation with the producer Rahul Dholakia, Ritesh Sidhwani confirmed the sequel of ‘Raees’.


However, the actors, director and producer of the movie have not revealed further information about when the sequel will be out.

Twitter users rejoiced to hear the news and expressed their excitement for the next instalment of the film.

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While fans appreciated the on-screen connection of Shah Rukh Khan and Pakistani starlet Mahira Khan, people are more eager to see Shah Rukh Khan reprise the role of an infamous gangster.

The first instalment of the movie was barred from release in Pakistan. The deteriorating political situation with India also hindered Mahira Khan from connecting with her Indian fans while promoting the film. 

We can hope for a more positive situation for the actress in the next sequel. Similarly, fans from this side of the border will be hoping for the official release of the sequel in Pakistan since the ban on its predecessor prevented them from enjoying Mahira’s sensational performance.