Religious Minorities feel “Safe and Respected” in India: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh

Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh accused Pakistan of violating human rights and suppressing ethnic minorities, while he maintained that India makes religious minorities “feel safe and respected.”

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Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh attempted to divert global attention from the human rights violations in occupied Kashmir, by accusing Pakistan of violating the rights of the “Sindhi, Sikh and Baloch” communities, amongst other ethnic minorities.

The Indian Defence Minister tweeted a litany of falsities, accusing Pakistan of usurping the rights of its own citizens, and warning Islamabad against support to terror outfits.

People of all religions in India are peacefully reconciling with each other, this thing does not suit Pakistan. The minority community also feels safe here. The minority community was always safe here, safe and will remain so.

BJP Minister Rajnath Singh’s comments are a cowardly response to the scores of human rights abuses highlighted by Pakistan and international media providing on-ground realities from the occupied Himalayan valley.

These comments were made two days after the two countries came face to face at the meeting of the UN Security Council in Switzerland, where the case of Kashmir was opened and deliberated after 50 years of silence.

Pakistan Should Be Ashamed of its Own Deeds

Tweeting from his official twitter account, Rajnath Singh said, “What is happening with the Sindhi community, Sikh community, Baluchi community, and other minority communities in Pakistan is not hidden from the world today. Pakistan which is raising the issue of Violation of Human Rights at the UN Conference should look into the country itself.”

Accusing Pakistan of harassing its citizens and violating human rights, Rajnath Singh maintained that India, notorious for incidents of mob lynching and violence targeting Muslims and minorities, makes all its citizens “feel safe and respected.”

Rajnath Singh said, “In Pakistan, there has been a series of violations of Human Rights there for a long time. Those who went to Pakistan after Partition are still insulted as idiots there. While everyone in India feels safe and respected.”

The Indian Defence Minister maintained that Pakistan is irked with the peaceful reconciliation between India’s religious minorities. He said, “People of all religions in India are peacefully reconciling with each other, this thing does not suit Pakistan. The minority community also feels safe here. The minority community was always safe here, safe and will remain so.”

Accusing Islamabad of misleading the United Nations, Rajnath Singh added, “In a country in which all Minority Communities are concerned about their safety, the words of Human Rights do not sound good. He is unable to digest India’s decision to abolish Article 370 and has tried to mislead the UN as well.”

Concluding his vitriolic Twitter rant, the Indian Defence Minister issued a stern warning to Pakistan, “Our neighbor should abandon his policy of terrorism or else he will have to give up one day because if his policies do not change, then he will not be able to stop any power of the world from being fragmented.”

India: Safe & Peaceful for Minorities?

While the Indian Defence Minister maintains that India is “safe and peaceful” for all religious minorities, the occupied valley of Kashmir entered the 44th day of a brutal security lockdown, an unprecedented communications blackout, which has ended all access to the internet, and basic communication tools.

Kashmiris across the valley remained gripped with fear as the Indian occupation troops continue to round up Kashmiri youth and men in arbitrary arrests, nocturnal raids, and unregistered cases. Kashmiri men are being arrested and shipped off to jails across the country, while those who are returned to their families after extended periods of torture reveal heart-wrenching tales of electrocution and violence.

Prominent Kashmiri Hurriyat leaders and even pro-Delhi politicians have been placed under house arrest or arrested in an appallingly undignified manner.

Meanwhile, in Assam, over 3000 Indian Muslims have been stripped off their legal citizenship, and have been declared illegal citizens. The Narendra Modi led government is building mass detention centers to provide lodgings for these illegal citizens, who are being forced to leave behind their homes and their livelihood.

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Prime Minister Imran echoed warnings of a Muslim genocide taking place across India, urging the international community to intervene. Addressing the accusations of Pakistan’s support to terror networks targeting Indian soil during his interview with RT, the premier said that he had spoken to the Indian establishment on this issue, and was even willing to allow personnel from India’s security agencies to validate the absence of any militant presence in Pakistan.

The premier said, “I invite anyone, any foreign observer-even when I spoke to Prime Minister Modi, I said to him, you can use your intelligence agencies to check the presence of any militant groups now that we have taken action against them.”