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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Renowned Islamic scholar Praise PM Khan’s Fight for Muslims at UNGA

The praises for PM Khan’s maiden speech at UNGA session continue to pour in even after days, reinforcing the unprecedented popularity of his robust speech at the world’s prestigious forum.

Globally acclaimed Muslim scholar Maulana Ahmed Akoo on Tuesday lauded Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech at UNGA session. Maulana Akoo expressed gratitude to PM Khan on behalf of the entire Muslim population.

Maulana Akoo in the video asserted that PM Khan represented the Muslims of the entire world and appreciated his courage for courageously speaking for Muslims, strongly putting up their case ahead of the United Nations.

“My message to you is that you’ve touched the hearts of millions of Muslims across the globe,” he said.

He pointed out that PM Khan rightly highlighted the issue of Islamophobia, which has immensely affected the Muslims all around the globe. Adding that his speech has given him a ‘great sense of hope’ by shedding light on the ‘myth of radical Islam’.

“The bravest and the most courageous of actions that can be undertaken by a Muslim is when the word of truth is spoken against oppression and the opposition – and that is exactly what you [PM Imran] have done,” he said.

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The Islamic scholar added that he rightly pointed the pain Muslims feel on the blasphemous content on Holy Prophet produced in the West. Adding, “Love, respect, and honor for the blessed Prophet (PBUH) is something that resides in the heart of every single believer.”

He also officially invited Prime Minister Imran Khan to South Africa. Not only global Islamic scholars are praising PM Khan’s speech but several local clerics have also appreciated PM Khan for rightfully defending the honor of Islam at the world forum.


Earlier, Former South African golfer and career Grand Slam Winner Gary Player on Tuesday praised Prime Minister Imran Khan and hailed him as a hero in a video message posted by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s Twitter account.

PM Khan’s speech has become the highest-watched UNGA speech on YouTube. While the speech of other heads of states garnered 1.5k to 3k views on average, PM Khan’s speech achieved unprecedented popularity with 426k views.