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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Responsibilities of Muslim states maintaining relations with Israel

Can Muslim countries, trading with Israel, hold Israel accountable for all the destruction of Gaza? Will they help rebuild Gaza?

The future of major world economies is based on the ‘war doctrine’. Since ancient times, nations went to war to conquer, divide and control new territories with the primary mission to pressurize, procure and secure financial power. Brutal wars have been fought for gold, jewels, coal, fisheries, diamonds, and landmass. Natural resources, including land and sea resources, have led to expeditions that culminated in yielding absolute power over geographies, deserts, islands, and oceans.

The recent battle for supremacy by Israel in Palestine is documented evidence of ‘unjust power’ being spilled over the boundary and gross negligence of all things legal and constitutional. Destruction of human rights, economic sovereignty, legal occupation, just cause, constitutional freedom, and basic rights to life. The future is divided not united. Media wars combined with tech wars are the future war doctrine, where weapons trade will dominate the national agenda besides trade.

Not surprisingly, trade wars are hybrid in nature today. If we analyze trade today between nations, weapons trade has surpassed national interest and regional peace. If United States wants to export weapons to Israel, they cannot possibly be in favor of peace in Palestine, as dozens of Palestinians were crucified by the same weapons. Here, war justifies economic prosperity for some countries.

Israel with a GDP of over 400 billion dollars is a huge market for exports, trading with countries like Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Turkey, UAE, Oman, KSA, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, and Azerbaijan. In fact, all these Muslim States except Pakistan are trading partners with the world’s most notorious warmonger. How will they possibly sever ties with Israel or condone the illegal occupation of Gaza, illegal destruction of land, resources, housing and infrastructure and the brutal killing of civilian men, women and children in Palestine?

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Can we justify the costs of war today? The future is clearly divided. It’s every nation for its military might, rather than a united group of nations fighting against suppression, prosecution or genocide. The new world order is the birth of the war doctrine- with two worlds of thought. The first world believes in global domination based on financial muscle and undisputed military power creating new forms of conventional and strategic warfare increasing costs of war around the world, while the second world believes in survival and freedom from oppression and suppression wishing for everlasting peace for humankind.

Inside Gaza, the war drums may have stopped beating for now stopped as a shaky ceasefire commences. No one knows for how long. Beyond the ceasefire is the endless debris of lost lives, lost homes and a lost future for more than a hundred thousand plus residents of Palestine, whose lives will restart after a painful dose of death and destruction. We will never really know the true extent of the damage despite tertiary damage control paper assessments that will never calculate the absolute horror of a war that never ended.

Clashes between Hamas and IDF forces began in Jerusalem, right after the ceasefire deal was brokered and officially announced into effect. Does that symbolize the end of the war or the beginning of peace? Nothing much has changed. The region has been a constant battleground for big western powers, by fully equipping small rogue nations like Israel to start indiscriminate wars against innocent civilians.

The current Israel-Hamas conflict is an ‘illegal imposed war’ on Palestinians. A classic case of the abuser becoming abusive and justifying the abuse where first-world nations are on a warpath without consequences as leaders nations or responsible countries. History is documented with wars that have led to zero development, zero employment and maximum displacement and migrations ultimately reducing nations to rubble.

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It is time we understood that the costs of wars are irreplaceable and unmatchable and that all nuclear powers must now sign the nuclear proliferation treaty and the ones who have been given illegal access to nuclear arsenals must be hit with hard sanctions to ensure peace in the world. Israel is a constant threat to peace in the Middle East and Asia and the USA has to take stock of its allegiance to Israel by halting weapons supply to Israel for the greater chance of world peace and prosperity.

If the above is not done, then Israel will continue to create havoc in the region as an illegitimate child of the United States. America must take partial responsibility for this conflict as failure to act on time and mediate an immediate ceasefire has led to a colossal loss of precious human lives diminishing their basic needs and hitting at the heart of the Muslim soul at Al-Aqsa- the first Holy Site of the Muslim World.

Lets us all be clear that there is no easy way to fix this damage as future generations have been impacted. Time will not heal the wounds so easily. Rebuilding of Gaza will take unified purpose and intention, involving all nations together brokering for peace against war. The youth of the nation has been demoralized and psychologically weakened by disarming them of their self-respect, confidence and family values forcing them to defend themselves by any means at their disposal, including weapons.

The big question remains: Why are the Palestinians protesting in Gaza? Consider the facts on the ground. A poor nation with no conventional army, deprived of 95% of drinking water resources, less than 5 hours of electricity per day, 45% unemployment, dismantled health and education facilities and over 50% of the young population on the verge of suicide, all trees cut down, all animals killed, poisoned rivers and poisonous polluted air filled with nuclear residue.

The Zionist argument that we can only be safe in our country if we arm ourselves with nuclear weapons only to attack our defenseless neighbors without probable cause and ethical justification is a strategic blunder and an irreversible crime against humanity. It is morally wrong.

Can any nation survive such an ordeal under the barrel of a gun and under constantly forced attrition?

A very famous book titled ‘The Price of Thirst’, explores the sensitive issue of water scarcity and the impending doom resulting in water wars between impoverished nations highlighting the three biggest challenges- extremism, poverty and war. What Israel is doing to Gaza is exactly that- ensuring slow death to an entire race who are held captive in their own land by the government of thieves, rogues and plunderers.

The damage to Gaza is devastating. Rebuilding countries is a mammoth task. Most first-world nations are facing their own crisis as Spain, Greece, Egypt, France, UK and USA face challenges related to growth, stability, unemployment, banking turmoil and corruption. They resort to wars to create opportunities for weapons export in war-torn regions as while emerging economies suffer the consequences of war. In the last 2 decades, major events have deeply damaged the human settlements globally, like the Iraq war, Arab Springs, Israel Beirut War on terror, Global Financial Meltdown, the African Turmoil, Saudi- Iran conflict, the Syrian War crisis and Afghanistan wars.

According to OECD, the global economic outlook remains bleak in the post-pandemic universe, with slow growth, health emergencies, fewer jobs and high costs of living and huge debts accumulated by most nations. Rich nations are getting richer at the expense of fragile nations bearing the brunt of wars- extinction and prosecution of the global middle class.

In short – the great human divide. Enforcement and violation of laws must be reviewed and fragile transitions to peace must be examined as ceasefire begins in Palestine. Issues like food and water, injustice, business risk and governance failure must take top slots in global political and economic forums to accurately move towards financial freedom and prosperity.

The Global Elite have devised the war doctrine as a new way to maintain supremacy and perpetual profitable growth through constant supply of weapons in defiance of all constitutional agreements leading to increasing lawlessness, chaos, death and disorder on an otherwise peaceful planet. Extreme poverty is affecting lives around the world and the governments of those countries are sometimes not entirely responsible. If we do not safeguard our middle class, we are heading for the eventual destruction of entire economies and societies.

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War is another form of extreme in-appropriation of income distribution & resource allocation for the survival of the common man. Wars are not justified in the name of defending national boundaries for nuclear-armed nations. Moreover, increasing climate risk and natural disasters are further deepening the human settlement crisis in highly populated nations. The velocity of war has been unprecedented and dangerous. Countries like Pakistan for example, stand on the fragile ground in aftermath of the Afghan War. The support for Palestine has further brought Pakistan on the global map in the eye of the storm. Still, it is a respectable strategy on a higher diplomatic and moral ground.

The road map towards prosperity is not an easy one. Smaller nations must strive to unite to achieve equitable growth, safeguard private equity and improved health infrastructure to create new wealth in order to survive. Now, if peace covets war, we might stand a chance at rebuilding and re-alliance. Otherwise, the last remaining global world order may be under threat with the emergence of a bigger more disruptive phenomenon- “the costs of war”.

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The writer is a media broadcaster and Director at a leading advocacy institute. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.