Rickshaw driver from Peshawar gives free ride to school girls

A 29-year-old rickshaw driver from Peshawar becomes a local hero as he provides free pick and drop services to school-going girls in his hometown. He undertook this initiative 6 years ago to promote education for girls in his area.

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A 29-year-old rickshaw driver from Peshawar is giving free rides to school girls to promote girl’s education in his area. A rickshaw driver named Arab Shah gives free pick and drop services to girls in his hometown.

He has been providing free service for the past six years. In a conversation with a local news channel, he added that he provides free service to nearly 100 girls which costs him Rs.500 every day.

When asked about what inspired him to start the service, he said, “My sisters did not have a facility for transport, due to which they were unable to complete their education. I started this service so that these girls do not miss out on education as my sisters have suffered,” said Shah.

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He added, “I want more girls to pursue their education,” continuing that no one from the government supports him.

Shah also revealed, “After dropping students to school, I drive rickshaw till 11:00 pm, which helps me for my livelihood.”

He encouraged affluent people to come forward and provide similar services to promote girls’ education in underprivileged areas.

“All this gives me a spiritual satisfaction,” he stated. He added that he wishes to buy more rickshaws so that he can provide free service to as many girls as he can so that no girl has to skip school and her education due to lack of money.

He has even garnered praise from Pakistani education activist, Malala Yousafzai. She acknowledged his efforts for the promotion of girl’s education in Pakistan.

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According to reports, the father of Malala Yousafzai contacted him on phone and expressed his intention to send money to purchase a pick-up van on her behalf.

Arab Shah has now become a hero of his village as young girls and their families pray for him and his family.