Rift being created between PTI and Army, says Imran Khan

Chairman PTI Imran Khan, while addressing an important press conference in Islamabad on Wednesday, said that rift is being created between Pakistan Army and the largest political party of Pakistan—PTI through a planned campaign.

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While addressing the press conference, Imran Khan reiterated that the PTI government was toppled through a foreign conspiracy with the help of local collaborators, whom he referred to as Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafar. Imran Khan further pointed out that Indian and Israeli media celebrated when he was ousted from power.

Imran Khan went on to say that the conspiracy didn’t end with regime change, it is ongoing. “As part of this conspiracy it has been planned to depict the largest political party of Pakistan (PTI) and Army as opponents of each other”. He said that this is a dangerous conspiracy as it will hurt the country. Imran Khan pointed out that hatred between the people and the army had culminated in the disintegration of Pakistan in 1971.
Imran Khan noted that PTI is the largest and the only federal party of Pakistan that enjoys the largest vote bank and support in all provinces.

Furthermore, Imran Khan said that the incumbent government aims at crushing PTI through any means possible. “First our government was toppled; against their [PDMs] expectations, people poured out on the streets to protest the regime change, then they cracked down on people when we gave call for a peaceful protest on May 25”. However, none of these tactics worked as PTI swept the Punjab by-polls despite the partisanship of ECP and the institutions. “All political parties jointly contested the by-polls against PTI and they were wiped out of Punjab”, Imran Khan said.

Former Prime Minister further said that when all these tactics failed, PDM launched a systematic campaign to create rift between PTI and the army. “Secondly, they have devised a whole plan to dismantle the party [PTI]”, Imran Khan added. He said that the ECP’s decision in the foreign funding case is a part of this plan.

Imran Khan also clarified that the certificate that he submitted in the election commission underwent a complete procedure of scrutiny through several stages which involved professional auditors. Since he is not an expert of book keeping, he couldn’t possibly judge any mistakes, Khan clarified. “They [PDM] are trying to get me disqualified over that certificate”, Imran Khan said.

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Imran Khan also disregarded the Tosha Khaana scandal saying that he purchased the gifts from Tosha Khaana in a legal manner, whereas, Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif took four cars from Tosha Khaana illegally.

“They are bent on my character assassination, which they deem as the easy way to discredit PTI”, Imran Khan said.

Similarly, cracking down on ARY News is also part of the conspiracy as the government seeks to silence dissent, Imran Khan added.

Imran Khan further noted that these actions will hurt Pakistan economically and politically as the country is in a dire need of political stability.

Commenting on the arrest of Shehbaz Gill, Imran Khan said that the arrest took place in an illegal manner. While constitution provides a road map to deal with such issues, it was not followed, Khan said. Imran Khan also played a video clip showing Nawaz Shairf, Maryam Nawaz, Asif Zardari and other political leaders openly calling out the senior-most leadership of Pakistan Army and raised question that if action is taken against Shehbaz Gill for speaking against the Army why not against them.

Imran Khan said PTI always think of the country, “despite having the street power to shut down the whole country, we never took any such step as we are aware of the economic ailments of the country”.

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Lastly, Imran Khan said that the plans of dismantling the largest political party of Pakistan will prove devastating for the country as it is in a dire need of political stability. “The only way to get out of the quagmire that the country is trapped in is free and fair election”, Imran Khan concluded.

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