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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Robots replace humans in Multan restaurant

“Pizza.com” a fast food restaurant in Multan is now serving food with the services of a robot. It is the first eatery in Pakistan which is set to replace human waiters with robot services.

In a country like Pakistan where the purchasing power of people is declining with each passing year and the problem of power shortage is increasing day by day, a talented boy has managed to do what many engineers have only dreamt of.

Syed Usama Aziz, a former student of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) has created a robot that serves food to the customers in his father’s restaurant.

According to Usama, the Robot construction has cost him a total of 0.4 million Pakistani Rupees (4 lakh Rupees) while the process lasted for 8 months.

The innovator claims that, after graduation in 2015, he wanted to go abroad for further studies in electrical engineering. Unfortunately, he was unable to convince his parents and on his father’s request, Usama decided to prove his abilities in Pakistan.

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At the current moment, the robot is only found in his father’s restaurant but Usama explains that he has plans of spreading this technology to a franchise of Pizza.com. The franchise is located at Hyderabad, a city not too far from Karachi.

Usama calculated that the cost of importing robots from other countries like China, will prove as expensive and therefore, he decided to develop one right here in Pakistan. China has had the privilege of robot waiters from quite a while now and they are in fact, a frequently seen phenomenon.

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How it works?

The robot has been installed with a program which allows it to deliver meals from the kitchen to the customers table. The route to be followed is taped to the floors and the robot is programmed to follow the set path.

Once the customers order is ready to be served, the chef places the prepared dish on the drone and keys in the table number for the robot to know its destination. Once the robot has brought the food to the desired table, a waiter can place the food in front of the customer or the customer can simply help himself.

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The robot comprises of an installed program which entails the command of the robot returning to the kitchen when the tray is emptied or when the waiter presses a button that directs it back to the chefs table.

The robot lacks efficiency at the moment. However, that can be accredited to the fact that all spare parts of the robot are Pakistan manufactured. Given the right resources and funding, the robot waiters just might be a step towards the evolution of technology within Pakistan.