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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Rs 3b Pakistani currency found in NDS compound at Pak-Afghan border most likely to be used for subversive activities

Video of Afghan national counting huge stacks of Pakistani currency went viral on social media. Almost three billion rupees were found stacked in a compound of an Afghan NDS colonel situated at the back of the Indian consulate in Kandahar.

The images of piles of Pakistani currency being counted by an Afghan national, on social media platforms have sent ripples across the country, as it confirmed earlier reports that the huge cash found in the area next to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, was meant for subversive activities.

Almost three billion rupees were found stacked in a compound of an Afghan NDS colonel situated at the back of the Indian consulate in Kandahar which was hurriedly evacuated by India as it sent a number of Air Force C17 aircraft to airlift its staff.

The discovery of the huge cache has exposed, what Pakistan has been claiming all along that the Indian Consulates were being used to funnel and fund terrorist activities deep inside Pakistan. Pakistan said 66 training camps were being run by the Indian intelligence in a press conference jointly addressed by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Director General ISPR Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar, in November 2020.


A security source told APP that the money was being used to fund terrorist organizations like Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan – TTP, Jamiat Ul Ahrar – JuA and Harakat Ul Ansar – HuA linked with the notorious Indian RAW.

The Pakistani currency, which otherwise had no purpose in Afghanistan, was also used for funding sub-nationalist groups to undertake sabotage activities and hit national unity inside Pakistan.


According to the information available the money was being used to purchase arms and ammunition to be used by TTP and other foreign-funded terrorists for target killings, IED and VBIED blasts, and funding of activity to create sectarian unrest in the country.

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Pakistan through a dossier shared with the international organizations had given solid proof that the Indian Consulates were the prime source of funding and patronizing of terrorists with a proven nexus with the Aghan NDS.

Pakistan’s “Indian Dossier” clearly mentioned the names of Indian diplomats and RAW officials involved in financing and supporting terrorism inside Pakistan.

The security source said that in addition to the money, TTP and other terrorists were also being provided ammunition under the Indo-NDS nexus. This was further proved during the recent evacuation exercise conducted by the Indian Air Force C17s that brought four tonnes of ammunition for the Afghan National Army and took up Kabul with its diplomats, military, and intelligence officials.

Over the years both the RAW and the NDS have been hands in gloves to sabotage peace and stability in Pakistan, however, the world was yet to take note of this activity.

Activists on social media said it was now time that India be put on a terror-financing watch list and the international community must not turn a blind eye to terror financing by RAW and NDS. #IndiaSpoilerOfPeace was one of the top trends in which the Twitterati lashed out at the nexus which they said was not only a threat to Pakistan but to the entire region as well.

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The security official said Pakistan was keeping a close eye on the evolving situation and also investigating that how the currency was being used against Pakistan.

Courtesy: APP