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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Rumours of CSS-2021 results amplify anxieties

CSS-2021 results rumors about abysmally low pass-out ratio racking social media do nothing but add anxiety and lower morale of the aspirants. The circulating news should not surprise us as they have nothing new to offer and depict the same rant. Best of luck to all aspirants.

CSS-2021 results rumors rage on social media as the results are around the corner. The circulating news that only 1% of the candidates have cleared the written part of CSS-2021 exam has chocked every aspirant’s hopes and aspirations giving them near heart attacks.

This rant on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram copy-pasted by various CSS related pages and groups is doing nothing but exacerbating stress and anxiety levels of every aspirant who had invested months and years of effort, hard work, and energy in this exam.

As per the circulating news on these digital platforms, FPSC is expected to announce the result of the CSS-2021 written part on Friday, 24th September. however, an official announcement is still awaited from FPSC. Furthermore, the news also elucidates that only 120 candidates have passed the exam with English Essay being targeted along with some optional subjects.

CSS-2021 results rumors should be taken with a grain of salt

Undeniably, English Essay had been the nemesis of the CSS exam and one of the glaring reasons why an aspirant achieving an appreciable score after crossing the 600-mark line is unable to clear his or her attempt. Thus, claiming that English Essay has been targeted this time should not surprise the aspirants because this news is something that every aspirant knows when he steps in to take the exam.

In addition, some news also provide a breathing space in the stifling atmosphere created by these fake news as information is also there that the pass-out ratio between 1.5 to 3% is expected this time. Such pieces of information are a breath of fresh air as rumors previously flowing about an abysmally low pass-out ratio has already racked the morale and energies of the appeared candidates and those aspirants who decide to take this exam in near future.

In 2019, 365 of over 14,500 candidates who appeared for the Central Superior Services (CSS) examinations have passed, translating into a 2.51% success rate. In 2020, around a 2% pass-out ratio was observed. Undeniably the ratio has fallen, nonetheless, circulating rumors on social media without backing them with credible evidence is playing with the nerves of every aspirant who has attached hope and will with this exam.

Some blame the low standards of education in the country as a core reason behind an abysmal CSS exam pass-out ratio that focus on rote learning and cramming and not on building critical thinking and analysis among the students. Some point fingers at the educational disparities in the country. With opinions divided about the reason for failing the country’s most toughest exam, low pass-out ratio is a reality that we all need to accept.

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CSS exam; the game of nerves

Undeniably, the CSS exam is claimed to be a game-changer for aspirants who dare to take this exam and it is equally irrefutable that every candidate wishes to do his or her best in all the 12 papers. Failing one paper leads to flunking the entire exam as their hopes dash and they become demotivated.

Brave ones, accept their failure as a first step towards success, redouble their preparation and determination to give their final shot. The majority come victorious as hard work, luck, and help from Allah allow them to nail their respective attempts.

Aspirants who do not manage to pass the exam even in three attempts, many consoles them with sentences that world doesn’t end with CSS, there are ample opportunities for you to explore, and so on and so forth. However, with their hearts stricken with grief and sadness, many see these apparently consoling sentences as empty words that cease to be a balm for them.

Since the CSS exam is called the exam of nerves where aspirants’ patience, determination, dedication, hard work, and extent and scope of the study is tested along with an element of luck, circulating CSS-2021 results rumors when results are knocking at the door is silly and baseless. Best wishes to all brave hearts.

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