Russia to give 1 million ruble to women giving birth to 10 children

The title will be awarded to those who ‘born and raise’ 10 Russian citizens.

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Russia has decided to give 1 million ruble to women giving birth to 10 children. Soviet-era title ‘Mother Heroin’ has been revived for women having 10 or more children. The decision has been taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin as the country vows to fight population decline following its invasion of Ukraine.

Russian President Putin signed the decree this week. The title will be awarded to those who ‘born and raise’ 10 Russian citizens with a lump sum of 1 million Russian ruble  $16,645 received when the 10th child turns one. Mothers will still qualify even if they lose one of their children in a terror attack or emergency or civic service.

However, there are conditions to qualify for the award. Mothers must ensure all the children have been given an “appropriate level of care for health, education, physical, spiritual and moral development. The assessment process does not state other


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The title of Mother Heroin was established in 1944 and abolished in 1991 following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The recipients of the ‘Mother Heroine’ award will get the medal of a five-pointed star, says the decree.

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They will be of an equivalent rank to those with the title “Hero of the Russian Federation.” This is usually awarded for bravery. Hero of Labor will be rewarded for their services to the state.

According to the figures from United Nation, the working-age population has been declining in Russia since 2010.

Analysts believe and have been saying for a long time that this decline in the working-age population will slow down the growth of Russia in the coming decades.

A forecast by Economist Intelligence Unit, published this year, estimated that the overall Russian population will decline by 8.4% from its 1995 level by 2050. There has been an acceleration in this since the start of the war with Ukraine.

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