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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Russian actress killed in Ukrainian strike

The theater to which the late Polina Menshikh, aged 40, was affiliated, confirmed the devastating incident.

Russian actress killed in Ukrainian strike

In an turn of events, a Russian actress met her untimely demise during a Ukrainian air attack while she was performing for Russian troops in the eastern region of Ukraine, Reuters reported . The theater to which the late Polina Menshikh, aged 40, was affiliated, confirmed the devastating incident, revealing that she lost her life while  performing on stage in the Donbas region, an area under Russian control.

On November 19th, an unfortunate event unfolded in the region, but the details remain unverified. Nevertheless, military authorities from both sides acknowledged the occurrence of a Ukrainian attack in the vicinity. According to a Russian military investigator cited on state television, HIMARS missiles struck a school and cultural center in the village of Kumachovo in the Donetsk region, known as Kumachove to Ukrainians, situated approximately 60 kilometers (37 miles) from the front line. Regrettably, the investigator confirmed the death of one civilian but provided no further information about this individual. Curiously, there was no mention of any military casualties by the Russian defense ministry.

Ukrainian military commanders asserted that the target of their attack was a Russian military award ceremony, specifically directed at the 810th Separate Naval Infantry Brigade of Russia. Robert Brovdi, a Ukrainian military commander, conveyed through social media that the strike had resulted in the tragic loss of 25 lives, with over 100 individuals sustaining injuries.

Polina Menshikh was singing on stage

Heart-wrenching video footage circulating on pro-Russian Telegram channels captured the moment when Polina Menshikh was singing on stage with a guitar during the Russian military’s celebration of their missile and artillery forces. In the midst of her performance, a sudden blast rocked the building, shattering windows, plunging the venue into darkness, and prompting an expletive from someone caught on camera.

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This devastating incident was perceived by some pro-Russian bloggers as a sobering reminder of the dangers faced by soldiers who had congregated within the range of Ukrainian missiles. Expressing their frustration, they questioned the wisdom of allowing such a gathering to take place 60 kilometers away from the front line, seemingly underestimating the capabilities of the enemy’s long-range missiles.