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Monday, April 15, 2024

Russia’s trade with African country up more than 50% – ambassador

Tunisian goods are commercially viable and show full potential for replacing EU products, Russian envoy says

Trade turnover between Tunisia and Russia saw an enormous growth of 63% in 2022 despite the Ukraine-related sanctions imposed on Moscow by the Western allies, Russian Ambassador to Tunisia Aleksander Zolotov said on Sunday in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to the diplomat, the trade volume in monetary terms reached $692 million and is expected to further grow, as Tunisian goods, including food and textile products, are commercially viable and able to easily replace EU products that have left the Russian market.

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“Volume of mutual trade grew significantly in 2022 despite the well-known artificial obstacles,” Zolotov said, adding that the increase is “an obvious example of our ability to successfully cooperate under the current difficult circumstances across the world.”

He added that the two nations are planning to discuss possibilities of improving logistics services for import and export exchange, as well as expanding the scope of supplies in the near future.

According to the envoy, Russia and Tunisia are also cooperating in the sphere of manned space flights. Zolotov also expects the Russian tourist flow to the country to gradually return to previous levels.

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The ambassador said he hopes for deepening relations between the two nations, and to take further steps towards this during the Second Russia-Africa Summit, which will take place in St. Petersburg in July.