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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Saba Qamar’s Controversial Outfit Steals the Spotlight at Lux Style Awards

The Lux Style Awards, an annual event since 2001, stands as the grandest occasion within the Pakistani media industry.

Pakistani television and film luminary, Saba Qamar, is currently making waves on social media due to her appearance at the 22nd Lux Style Awards in Karachi.

Saba, 39, arrived in Karachi for rehearsals of the prestigious event, where she is set to perform on iconic Pakistani melodies. Her initial glimpse, shared on Instagram, has left fans captivated by her stunning white dress, although opinions vary, with some deeming it bold.

A video of the actress posing in a revealing top and white gown has been circulating on social media, further fueling the discussion surrounding her attire.

Criticism has mounted against Saba Qamar for her daring outfit choice, drawing attention at the Lux Style Awards. Many of her fans expressed their discontent, citing her recent penchant for short dresses.

Beyond the debate over dress codes, detractors argue that the attire lacks elegance and appropriateness.

Additionally, concerns have been raised about her apparent discomfort in the outfit.

Most fans, however, applauded Saba for her style and confidence.

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The Lux Style Awards, an annual event since 2001, stands as the grandest occasion within the Pakistani media industry. It serves as a distinguished ceremony dedicated to honoring the accomplishments of the Pakistani entertainment and fashion sectors.

This gathering places a spotlight on the realms of art and culture while actively championing Pakistani fashion, cinema, and television. Furthermore, it serves as a platform for the promotion of emerging talents in the fields of music, acting, and styling.

In its 22nd iteration this year, the illustrious Lux Style Awards is currently taking place in Karachi. The star-studded affair features renowned Pakistani celebrities such as Farhan Saeed, Maya Ali, Saba Qamar, and others gracing the stage with their performances. These accomplished actors will be showcasing their talents by delivering renditions of classic Pakistani songs.

The event is set to acknowledge and honor the outstanding achievements of the best performers from the past year. Distinguished guest Reema Khan is adding to the glitz and glamour of the occasion, while Fahad Mustafa and Ali Zafar will also be prominent participants in the LSA 2023 extravaganza.