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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Sajal Aly releases a heartfelt video against child abuse

Taking to social media, Sajal passionately condemned child labor, emphasizing that it is not only morally wrong but also illegal.

Celebrated Pakistani actor Sajal Aly has issued a heartfelt plea against child abuse to protect children from the scourge of forced labor and abuse after a distressing incident involving a 14-year-old domestic worker came to light in the country’s capital.

Taking to social media, Sajal passionately condemned child labor, emphasizing that it is not only morally wrong but also illegal.

In a video message that resonated with many, the Angan actor implored people to take immediate action if they witness any child being subjected to labor or mistreatment. She urged individuals to report such cases to local authorities promptly to ensure the safety and well-being of these vulnerable children.

“This is not the age for children to toil away in labor; it’s a time for them to study, play, and be carefree,” Sajal asserted, appealing for collective efforts to pressure authorities into taking decisive action against child labor practices.

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Her video message was shared by fellow veteran actor Nadia Jamil, who expressed her vehement condemnation of child exploitation and abuse. Nadia highlighted the dire situation faced by many child servants, who are often forced to undertake grueling tasks for affluent families, enduring physical abuse and being denied their fundamental right to education.


Insisting that eradicating poverty should not come at the expense of a child’s innocence, Nadia called on the public to unite and speak out against those perpetrating such injustices. She encouraged people to be vigilant and report any instances of child labor they encounter, stressing that education is both a constitutional and religious right for every child.

The incident that brought these concerns to the forefront involved a 14-year-old domestic worker who was allegedly subjected to brutal torture by the wife of a judge in Pakistan’s capital. The victim’s family filed a complaint against the employers, while the accused parties denied the allegations.

Child labor remains a pressing issue in many developing nations, and Sajal Aly and Nadia Jamil’s passionate advocacy aims to draw attention to this pressing social problem. Their appeals serve as a call to action for society to stand up against child labor, protect the rights of children, and work together to build a brighter and more compassionate future for the younger generation.