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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Sajal Aly slammed for endorsing a fairness cream

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Actress Sajal Aly has been slammed on social media for endorsing a fairness cream. The TV celebrity is seen promising that the cream will not just give a glow but an HD glow to the girls. In the after-effects of the cream in the television commercial, Sajal Aly’s is seen having a much lighter complexion.


Twitter erupted in anger as a lot of users questioned the correlation of beauty with fair complexion. Being an artist herself, twitter criticized her for endorsing a stereotypical concept of beauty.

“Really disappointed in Sajal Aly for choosing to do this ad when colourism is an obvious issue in our society. People with darker skin are given poorer treatment, rejected for marriage, jobs and are considered to be from the lower class,” wrote one user.

Another penned, “Here’s the thing, I love Sajal but what’s wrong is wrong. Colourism is a HUGE issue in South Asia. People are treated like sh*t because of their skin colour. This cream literally tells you that you can only be pretty if you’re fair? Promoting it is WRONG.”

“I am disappointed in sajal for doing that fair and lovely ad,although the ad was for the glow on the skin not fairness but still we all know how fair and lovely has always promoted fairness as the standard of beauty. This is the second time my fav has disappointed me by promoting”, wrote another user on Twitter.

Sajal Aly seems to have ignored the backlash as she is yet to comment on the controversy.