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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Saleem Safi’s obsession with Imran Khan

A twitterati, Asher Bajwa deconstructed all tweets of Saleem Safi since April 2022 to analyze his obsession with targeting Imran Khan and the results speak for themselves.

In the last four months, Saleem Safi mentioned Imran Khan in his tweets 301 times by name; 286 times using Imran Khan and 15 times using Imran Niazi. He also mentioned former First Lady Bushra Bibi 16 times by name and her friend Farah Gogi 50 times.

In contrast to Imran Khan, other political leaders were mentioned far fewer times by Saleem Safi. Zardari was mentioned 20 times, Shehbaz Sharif was mentioned 50 times, whereas Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz were mentioned just 7 and 2 times respectively.

While Imran Khan was mentioned 301 times in total, major political leaders on the sitting government were mentioned just 79 times in total by Saleem Safi on twitter in the last four months, Asher Bajwa reveled in his twitter thread.

As per the analysis by Asher Bajwa, genuine public issues have been seldom addressed in Saleem Safi’s tweets. Despite the massive increase in petroleum prices, the word ‘petrol’ is found only 3 times in Saleem Safi’s tweets since April. Similarly, the issue of load shedding and power shortage has also been largely neglected by Saleem Safi, as he used the word ‘electricity’ only 2 times and the word ‘gas’ was mentioned just 3 times in his tweets in the analyzed time period. Inflation—the most severe public issue has been mentioned just 2 times by Saleem Safi in his tweets since April.

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Detailed analysis reveals that while PTI related issues such as the discredited Tosha Khana scandal, foreign funding case, Farah Gogi etc.  were mentioned 134 times, genuine public issues such as economy, inflation, gas, electricity, petrol has been raised just 34 times in total by Saleem Safi on twitter since April.

Saleem Safi also seems to be obsessed with the institution of military as among the institutions of military, judiciary, parliament and establishment (generally considered synonymous with military), Safi mentioned military 55% of the time, establishment 18%, whereas parliament and judiciary were mentioned 10% and 17% respectively.