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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Pakistani nuclear physicist Dr. Samar Mubarakmand is lying, should stop politics: Ishaq Dar

PML-N's Ishaq Dar has said that Pakistani physicist Samar Mubarakmand is lying. “He should remain a physicist, he should not try to become a politician”, Dar warned.

Earlier this week, Ishaq Dar, Member of the senate of Pakistan, accused Pakistani nuclear physicist, Dr. Samar Mubarakmand on live television of having made false claims about the cruise missiles. “He should remain a physicist, he should not try to become a politician”, Dar warned.

“Mubarakmand is lying. The missile did in fact fall. It was in our custody. Remind Samar Mubarakmand that in December 1998, whose message did he bring to me when i was the finance minister? It was General Musharraf’s message. He wanted to ask how long it will take to acquire the appropriate funds for developing missile technology,” Dar disclosed. “I paid a one day visit to a classified location.

Defense was PML-N’s priority: Ishaq Dar

I was given the entire briefing. So Mubarakmand, do us a favor and stop involving yourself in politics. Whatever Mian Sharif mentioned, I have seen with my own eyes,” he confirmed. “I do not know why Mubarakmand is spreading false news and on whose orders.”

Dar confidently claimed on live television that national security and defense have always been former PM Sharif’s and the PMLN’s top priority.

Dr. Samar Mubarakmand says Sharif’s claims are ridiculous

Last week, Dr. Samar Mubarakmand had rejected Nawaz Sharif’s claim of the reverse engineering of the tomahawk missiles, and labeled his remarks “ridiculous”.

“He said the missile fell to the ground and did not break into pieces. What research can be done on damaged debris and small pieces?” demanded Mubarakmand.

According to Mubarakmand, former director of Pakistan’s Missile and Research Program, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s claim of reverse engineering of US missile Tomahawk was incorrect. He does not agree with Nawaz Sharif’s claim of reverse engineering.

Mubarakmand claimed that this missile is very delicate. “It is ridiculous for them to fall to the ground and not be torn to pieces. It is true that Pakistan got missiles from this area, but they were a few pieces, what research can be done on the destroyed debris and small pieces?”

The Pakistani scientist said that the United States had not even asked Pakistan to return the wreckage. “We had no such request from the United States. Secondly, it was just a pile of rubbish which was useless. If the United States had asked for debris, Pakistan would have returned it,” added Mubarakmand.

“It is absurd to say that a missile fell to the ground and remained undamaged and did not tear into pieces”, he said, adding that supplementary research can be conducted on pieces of an exploded missile.

Last week, while addressing a party meeting, Sharif said that an undamaged missile of the US was found in Balochistan and that it was reverse-engineered to develop the country’s own missile program.

US had fired missiles against Al-Qaeda

He said that the US had fired missiles against al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan in 1998 when one of them had landed on the land undamaged. Sharif was criticized for having started revealing national secrets and taking credit for equipping the country with cruise missiles.

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Talking to the media in London, the PML-N supreme leader claimed that Pakistan had built its missiles by copying American missiles through reverse engineering and he had given cruise missiles to the country. Speaking to reporters in London, Nawaz had said that he had made “immense” contributions to the army. “I have done a lot, I have contributed a lot. We have spent billions, trillions, made the atomic bomb program, made the JF-17 with China and half the missiles we have, I got them made,” he said.

The former PM had said, “The United States had fired missiles at Afghanistan during the war which landed in Balochistan. We made our missiles by copying the US missiles.” “Clinton dropped missiles in Afghanistan”. “We got one, back-engineered it and made it,” he said.

Per SAMAA, as soon as Sharif finished speaking, Ishaq Dar, Member of the Senate Of Pakistan, whispered in his ear that it was another cruise missile and not Tomahawk. Social media users proceeded to troll Sharif on his missile engineering comments.

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