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Friday, May 24, 2024

Actress Sana Javed marries cricketer Shoaib Malik

"Alhamdullilah. And We created you in pairs," writes Shoaib Malik on Instagram with pictures

In a surprising turn of events, Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik left fans and followers taken aback as he officially announced his second marriage to actress Sana Javed in an intimate ceremony held on a Saturday.

Expressing his joy and gratitude, the 41-year-old cricketer took to his Instagram account, writing, “Alhamdullilah. And We created you in pairs,” along with a photo capturing the blissful moment. The announcement was met with widespread curiosity and well-wishes from the cricketing and entertainment communities.

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Shortly after the revelation, Sana Javed, the accomplished actress and now Shoaib Malik’s spouse, promptly updated her Instagram bio to “Sana Shoaib Malik,” solidifying their union in the virtual realm. The newlywed couple generously shared glimpses of their wedding event, providing fans with a peek into their joyous celebration.

For the special occasion, Shoaib and Sana showcased delightful coordination in their outfits, emphasizing their harmonious connection. Shoaib Malik donned a resplendent white sherwani complemented by a beautifully embroidered golden shawl, radiating elegance and tradition. Meanwhile, the bride, Sana, looked stunning in a beige-colored lehenga, accentuated with green and gold jewelry that added a touch of regality to her ensemble.

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The shared images also captured the couple proudly displaying wedding bands, symbolizing the union of their hearts and lives. The heartfelt pictures not only painted a picture of love and happiness but also showcased the blending of cricket and entertainment worlds in a celebration that garnered attention and warm wishes from fans and well-wishers alike.