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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Sarim Burney arrested on human trafficking charges

Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) arrests Karachi-based human rights activist Sarim Burney on the charges of human trafficking.

He was arrested as soon as he landed on the Karachi Airport by FIA officials. He is being accused of transporting and getting 17 children adopted illegally in the USA.

Burney runs the Sarim Burney International Welfare Organization. The website of the organization reads “representing the oppressed and less privileged population”. The organization is a non-profit trust.

It also says that the trust provides “legal services for child abuse, harassment, sexual assault, human trafficking, domestic violence, violation of human rights, workers compensation rights and other serious crimes”.

According to the FIA officials, the organization is accused of smuggling 25 children to the USA and getting the children adopted in the country.

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The complaint against him was registered by the US government, after which he was taken into custody for further investigation into the case. As per the report, FIA had been keeping an eye on the activities of Sarim Burney before his arrest.

Sarim Burney is a well-known person who helps people in need. He founded the Sarim Burney Welfare Trust to fight for justice and improve lives. This Trust has helped people in many ways, including rescuing child camel jockeys, providing legal aid, and giving money to people with disabilities. Even though Sarim Burney has a good reputation for helping others, he was recently arrested on charges of human trafficking.

His brother Ansar Burney is a human rights activist. He served as the Minister for Human Rights from 2007-2008. As per his brother Ansar Burney, he had fired Sarim Burney a few years ago on corruption charges. So far his family have not issued any statement regarding his arrest.