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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Saudi Arabia Executes Five Pakistani Expatriates for Murder

Saudi Arabia executes five Pakistani expatriates convicted of raiding a company and murdering a security guard, highlighting the country's strict legal system and application of the death penalty.

Saudi Arabian authorities have executed five Pakistani expatriates who were found guilty of raiding a private company and murdering a security guard, as reported by Gulf News. The convicted individuals attacked the company, tied up guards, and killed a Bangladeshi security personnel.

The verdict, upheld through appeals and supreme courts, received final approval through a royal order, leading to the execution of the individuals on Tuesday in Makkah. This incident underscores Saudi Arabia’s strict legal system, which applies the death penalty for severe crimes such as murder.

Legal Process and Execution Details

The executed individuals were identified as Arshad Ali Deebar, Mohammad Ismail, Abdul Majeed, Haji Nooruddin, and Abdul Ghaffar Mohammad Soma. They were convicted of conducting a robbery at a private sector firm, assaulting guards, and killing a Bangladeshi watchman.

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According to the Saudi Ministry of Interior (MoI), the convicts were found guilty after thorough investigations and sentenced to death by a competent court. The verdict was later confirmed by appeals and supreme courts, culminating in their execution on Tuesday, March 5th, in Makkah.

International Attention and Criticism

Saudi Arabia’s application of the death penalty has attracted international attention and criticism, with concerns raised about the transparency and fairness of legal proceedings leading to such severe sentences. Despite the criticism, Saudi authorities defend the death penalty, citing its necessity for public order and justification under Sharia law.

In 2023 alone, Saudi Arabia executed 170 people, reflecting the country’s adherence to strict legal measures. The execution of the five Pakistani expatriates adds to the ongoing debate surrounding Saudi Arabia’s judicial system and its approach to capital punishment.