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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Saudi Arabia launches Nusuk platform in Bangladesh

Saudi Arabia launches Nusuk platform in Bangladesh, revolutionizing pilgrimage experience for Umrah travelers

Saudi Arabia is set to revolutionize the experience of Umrah pilgrims from Bangladesh with the launch of the Nusuk platform. This digital solution, introduced by the Saudi Tourism Authority, aims to streamline the journey of pilgrims and tourists visiting the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. The Nusuk platform has already made its debut in Malaysia and Singapore, offering convenience, accessibility, and enhanced planning capabilities. The Kingdom’s efforts to improve the Hajj and Umrah ecosystem align with its Vision 2030 goals, positioning Saudi Arabia as a forward-looking destination that welcomes people of all backgrounds.

Empowering Pilgrims Through Technology

The Nusuk platform serves as a digital passport for pilgrims and tourists, simplifying the intricate process of planning, booking, and navigating visits to the holy sites. This innovative tool eliminates the traditional complexities associated with pilgrimage travel. Through the platform, travelers can meticulously plan their itineraries, manage bookings, and access crucial information about the pilgrimage sites. This transformational technology ensures a seamless experience, allowing pilgrims to focus on the spiritual essence of their journey.

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Significance of Bangladesh

With a population of over 150 million Muslims, Bangladesh holds a unique position as the fourth-largest Muslim-majority country in the world. Every year, thousands of Bangladeshis embark on the sacred pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and Hajj. Recognizing the significance of this market, Saudi Arabia has made considerable efforts to enhance the experience of Bangladeshi pilgrims. The Nusuk platform’s introduction in Bangladesh is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to providing convenient and accessible pilgrimage options for all.

Saudi Delegation’s Visit to Dhaka

To mark the launch of the Nusuk platform in Bangladesh, a Saudi delegation led by the Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Tawfig Al-Rabiah, is visiting Dhaka on August 24-25. This visit serves a dual purpose of promoting Saudi Arabia’s ongoing initiatives to transform the Hajj and Umrah ecosystem and inaugurating the Nusuk platform’s presence in the country. The delegation’s presence underscores the Kingdom’s dedication to strengthening ties with Bangladesh and improving the pilgrimage experience for its citizens.

Gateway to Rich Heritage

The Nusuk platform not only facilitates pilgrimage journeys but also provides a gateway to explore Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage and cultural diversity. Travelers with personal visit visas can not only perform Umrah but also delve into the Gulf nation’s historical and cultural sites. Saudi Arabia’s commitment to expanding its tourism sector aligns with the broader Vision 2030 plan, which envisions the Kingdom as a global destination for leisure, business, and spirituality.

Growing Partnership

In 2023, Saudi Arabia welcomed approximately 332,000 travelers from Bangladesh, surpassing its own target by an impressive 7 percent. This achievement reflects the growing partnership between the two nations and highlights the increasing interest of Bangladeshis in exploring the holy sites and cultural treasures of Saudi Arabia. Dhaka stands as one of the top five markets in the Asia Pacific region, solidifying its pivotal role in realizing Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 objectives.

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Looking ahead, Saudi Arabia envisions a promising future for its collaboration with Bangladesh. The Kingdom aims to welcome 700,000 Bangladeshi travelers this year, with an ambitious projection of 2.6 million visitors by 2030. This vision encapsulates Saudi Arabia’s commitment to fostering mutual understanding, cultural exchange, and spiritual enrichment between the two nations.