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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Saudi Arabia persuades Lindsay Lohan to star in its first all-women film

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Lindsay Lohan recently made an interesting announcement that soon she would be shooting for an all-women movie in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and that she is planning to design an island in Dubai.

She made the announcements in an American talk show ‘The Wendy Williams’.

Lohan said the movie titled ‘Frame’ is a story of an American photographer who leaves her husband behind in New York and shifts to Riyadh after accepting an offer of teaching at a Saudi women-only university.

Lohan will play the lead character of ‘Annabelle’. The movie will be based around a group of females who introduce Lohan to the lives of women in Saudi culture.

“She starts to understand the culture and how the women there are,” Lohan told Williams. “Like fencing is a big thing there, so there are a lot of fencing courses and horse-back riding… the women take her in to understand why they cover and why they do these things.”

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The actor, however, did not reveal any further details about the movie.  Abu-Dhabi based filmmaker Nancy Paton will direct the film.

Paton says the movie has at its core the message of “women empowerment ” and this resonates with the prime agenda of the Saudi government in 2018.

“Frame will be one of the first Saudi bilingual films that come out from the country after women start driving and cinema returns, and it will completely focus on female empowerment, says Paton.

Regarding her plans to have an island, the actress said,  “I’m discussing designing an island in Dubai, at The World islands.”

She went on to say that the island would be called Lohan Island.

“I figured I’ve gone to enough [islands], I should have my own,” the 31-year-old actress said.

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Lohan has been quite expressive about the cultural revolution Saudi Arabia is undergoing. She seems to be an avid supporter of the long-awaited freedom granted to Saudi women.

Lohan in December called people to support the movement in Saudi Arabia in her Tweet after the Kingdom announced the opening of cinemas in March 2018.

In the same tweet, the actor gave an early indication of her future venture in Saudi Arabia.