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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Saudi Crown Prince expected to visit Pakistan’s Northern region: Arab media

An Arab media outlet claims that Pakistan’s Embassy has conveyed PM Khan’s formal request to Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to visit and explore the exceptional beauty of Pakistan’s northern region. These royal visits are expected to spread the potential of tourism in Pakistan globally.

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman is expected to visit Pakistan’s picturesque Northern areas, claims Pakistan’s envoy in Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan Embassy in Saudi Arabia confirmed that a formal invitation has been extended to the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to visit Pakistan’s northern areas by Prime Minister Imran Khan, who visions to expand the tourism sector in the country.

Crown Prince MBS had expressed his wish to visit Pakistan’s northern areas during his visit to Pakistan earlier this year in February.

Pakistani Ambassador in Saudi Arabia, Raja Ali Ejaz, in an interview with the Arab media outlet, asserted that the dates of his visit will be determined through diplomatic channels.

He added that PM Khan had always encouraged MBS to visit Pakistan’s mesmerizing tourist spots in the northern region.

The news report has surfaced following PM Khan’s recent and fourth visit to Saudi Arabia last week. In which, taking a break from protocol, Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Salman had accompanied Prime Minister Imran Khan to the Riyadh Airport before the latter set off for Pakistan after concluding a one-day trip to Saudi Arabia. Crown Prince MBS even drove PM Khan to the airport to bid him farewell, says the reports.

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Federal Minister for Education, Shafqat Mehmood, confirmed the grand gesture of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman for Prime Minister Imran Khan in his tweet. The federal minister asserted that the hospitable gesture of Crown Prince testifies his respect for PM Khan and his reverence for Pakistan. The recent visit marked PM Khan’s fourth visit to Saudi Arabia.

Royal visits will pitch Pakistan’s beauty globally

But the high-profile visit of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to Pakistan’s northern area is expected to drum up tourism in Pakistan. The ethereal beauty of Pakistan’s mountainous region will beam through international media globally.

Earlier, this month, Pakistan had been classed as the top traveling destination for 2020 by UK’s Travel Company Wild Frontiers. The successful and vibrant trip of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has helped the country to recuperate its status as a safe and enthralling tourist destination.

For the past couple of months, the international media is raving for the country’s potential for tourism. A couple of international media reports had declared Pakistan the best tourist destination for 2019. The recent optimistic reports hint that Pakistan will continue to be branded as the cherished tourist destination for 2020 as well.

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Pakistan has recorded a big expansion in the influx of foreign tourists since 2019; both religious and recreational tourists.

While the maiden visit of Britain’s royal couple last month in October garnered the country a positive push across the world, the resumption of direct flight of British Airways also cushioned the country’s goal to reinvigorate its soft image globally.

Moreover, the constructive reforms in the tourism industry by the PTI government and several acclaimed travel bloggers to Pakistan significantly branded Pakistan as a spectacular and tourist-friendly destination.