Saudi Prince rejects the notion of ties with Iran

Saudi Prince

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, in a TV interview, has categorically stated that it is impossible for Saudi Arabia to participate in any sort of dialogue with Iran.

“How can we get along with a regime which has an extremist ideology… and a profound wish to dominate the Muslim world and spread the Shiite faith?”

He said that Iran’s plan to control the Muslim world and its efforts to spread the Shi’ite faith did not allow Saudi Arabia to re-initiate diplomatic ties with Iran. “How can we get along with a regime which has an extremist ideology… and a profound wish to dominate the Muslim world and spread the Shiite faith?” Prince Mohammed said.

Currently, Saudi Arabia is embroiled in a proxy war with Iran in Yemen where it is leading a coalition backed effort against Houthi rebels who are sponsored by Iran. Both states are also engaged in proxy conflicts in surrounding states like Iraq and Syria.

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The Saudi Prince’s statements follow diplomatic efforts on part of Pakistan to bring about a rapprochement between the two regional rivals.

There is also the question of Gen. (retd) Raheel Sharif’s contract as the head of the new Islamic coalition force formed by Saudi Arabia. Gen. (retd) Raheel Sharif had stated that he would head the coalition only if Saudi Arabia agreed to invite Iran. Whether Saudi Arabia followed through with their promise is as of yet unknown.

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In 2015, Saudi Arabia had requested Pakistan to join its war against Yemen, an Iranian ally. The Pakistani parliament rejected the request after it was decided it should not take sides between any of its neighbours or other friendly countries. The reason for rejecting the offer was fear of deepening sectarian fault lines in Pakistan. Saudi Arabia had then gone onto form a 34 nation Islamic military coalition with the overt motive to combat terrorism. Pakistan became a member of the coalition despite internal parliamentary opposition.

Opposition parties in the parliament voiced their disagreement regarding Pakistan’s involvement in any sort of inter-Muslim conflict as it may exacerbate the sectarian divisions in Pakistan, which has a diverse population.


  1. After Being the Main Participant in the Destruction of the Surrounding Muslims World Saudi Royal family Needs Pakistan’s shoulder to Stay as so called’ Leader of Isamic world’.
    The Najadi Prince is Making fun of Persian belief in Imam Mahdi……He should know that only salafi has doubts .. rest of sunni Muslim world aslo believe in the coming of mahdi… and sees Saudia as a ‘Dagger’ in the ‘Heart of islam’. Saudia is the reason why their is no Muslim ‘European Union’ or single currency or Sharing and use of Land resources for the Benefits of entire Ummah. Saudi royal family historically has been scared of everyone including saddam, Iran. Gaddafi, sadat… Saudi family likes no one ..Loves no one… but likes to use everyone in the name of islam… Saudia is the reason why There is less brotherhood in muslim world and shedding of so much blood… Saudi version of islam is a kharji version that focuses on killing and chopping head of fellow muslims rather than focusing on their enemy…. while reducing ‘Love’ and ‘respect’ for Prophet Peace be upon him and his followers


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