“Sazish hui ya Mudhaklat?” Anwar Maqsood gives hilarious answer

No one can beat Anwar Maqsood in one-liners.

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Renowned writer Anwar Maqsood gives a hilarious response when asked if the change of the government in Pakistan was a conspiracy or interference.

A short video of Anwar Maqsood responding to the question is going viral on social media. Anwar Maqsood was asked at an event, “Saazish hoi hai ya Mudhaklat”. After a brief pause, he replied, “Khaarish Hoi Hai”. The hall echoed with laughter from the audience.

There had been intense debate in the country on if the ouster of the government of former Prime Minister Imran Khan was a blatant interference or conspiracy following the claims Imran Khan. PTI believes conspiracy followed by blatant interference happened for the regime change operation in Pakistan. Whereas, the opponents believe it was neither a conspiracy nor interference but a constitutional move of removing a prime minister through a No-Confidence Motion.

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Anwar Maqsood, the revered literary figure in Pakistan, is known for his satirical political commentary. He hosted a satire talk show ‘Loose Talk’ with the late Moin Akhtar who played various characters of the society. The show talked about social problems including the political instability in the country. His wittiness and satirical comments on the politics of Pakistan are always well-received among the audience.

Netizens are sharing the video and posting interesting comments on the wittiness of Anwar Maqsood. A user said, “No one can beat Anwar Maqsood’s one-liners”. Another Twitter user said, “Epic Reply from Anwar Maqsood Sahab.”

Earlier his son, singer Bilal Maqsood asked him if he was happy with the judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on the dissolution of the National Assembly of Pakistan.

In the video, he said he is very happy because he was expecting the same decision from the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Maqsood at the end of the video said that all the five judges are also ‘shareef’.