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Sunday, April 14, 2024

SC rejects apology of respondent who abused judiciary and judges

The Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan has once again turned down the apology of Mirza Iftikharuddin in a derogatory video case against the judiciary and judges.

According to the local media reports, the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan has once again turned down the apology of Mirza Iftikharuddin in a derogatory video case against the judiciary and judges.  A two-member bench of the apex court, comprising Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Ijazul Ahsan, today heard the case.

At the outset of the hearing, the counsel of Mirza Iftikharuddin pleaded the court to accept the apology of his client as he is suffering from coronavirus and had to undergo open-heart surgery.

To this, the CJP questioned the motives of Iftikharuddin for using such language against the judiciary. Justice Ijazul Ahsan said that the accused is currently on bail. Later, the SC rejected the apology plea of Iftikharuddin and adjourned the hearing of the case for a month.

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Mirza Iftikharuddin used abusive language

It is pertinent to mention here that Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed had taken suo motu notice of a video clip of Mirza Iftikharuddin on June 25 in which he had used derogatory language against the judiciary and judges.

The statement from the local religious cleric against Justice Qazi Faez Isa in a viral video, wherein he used abusive, derogatory and slanderous words, went viral on social media.

Agha Iftikhar-ud-Din Mirza, a Rawalpindi-based cleric, told those in attendance at a gathering that those who are found guilty of corruption should be subjected to death by firing squad. He made insulting remarks against several high profile individuals in a video regarding an ongoing case in the court of law.

Justice Isa’s wife submits an affidavit to SC

It is worth noting that Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s wife, Sarina Isa, later submitted a three-page affidavit to the Supreme Court asking 24 questions about the manner in which the government has dealt with death threats hurled by the cleric against her husband.

Before that, Sarina Isa had filed an application at Islamabad’s Secretariat Police Station on June 23 to register a first information report (FIR) against the cleric. She had complained that her husband had received a death threat via a video in which the intimidator –Mirza – can be heard saying: “Isa should be shot publicly.”

Sarina Isa raises 24 questions

In the affidavit, she said: “The manner in which the crime has been dealt with confirms that a more direct method to remove my husband (Justice Isa) is now planned.”

She asked 24 questions as to why Mirza was allowed to abuse her husband, Justice Isa. She asked: “Why was the FIR not registered by Police Station Secretariat? FIA says it received my application on 25th June but registered the FIR on 29th June. Why this delay?”

Sarina Isa also asked: “YouTube channels reported that when the criminal came to the Supreme Court on 26th June, he was relaxed. He had a cup of tea. He was provided protection and protocol. Is this how those who make death threats to a Judge of the Supreme Court treated?”

Finally, she asked: “In my application to the police, I had asked to be provided a copy of the FIR and to let me know what you find out. Why has this not been done after over 3 weeks?”

Mirza Iftikharuddin indicted in contempt case

The Supreme Court indicted Mirza Iftikharuddin on July 15 in a derogatory video case against the judiciary and judges, local media reported. The Supreme Court Bar Association also condemned the malicious campaign against the judge and also asked the court to ascertain is Justice Faez Isa being targeted under a new plan?

Notably, the government had earlier filed a reference against Justice Faez Isa, implying that the honourable judge appeared to have committed gross misconduct and is liable to be removed upon the recommendations of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC).

As per the reference, Abdul Waheed Dogar filed a complaint in the Prime Minister’s Asset Recovery Unit (ARU) on April 10, 2019, providing information that Justice Qazi Faez Isa and two other judges possessed properties abroad.

However, on June 15, the majority order by seven judges had quashed the presidential reference against Jus­tice Isa but ordered the FBR chairman to furnish a report under his signatures to the secretary of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), containing details of the proceedings conducted by the commissioner inland revenue after seeking an explanation from the wife and children of Justice Isa about the nature and source of the funds used to purchase three properties in the United Kingdom.

Mirza may get relief: experts

During the video case hearing today, the court framed charges against the accused and handed over a copy of the charge-sheet to the counsel of the accused.

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It is to be seen whether the accused person appears before the court in the next hearing or not. Legal experts maintain that since Mirza is apparently not well therefore he is likely to get some relief from the apex court.