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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Security barriers removed from Zaman Park as Imran Khan leaves for Islamabad

Video reports are emerging on social media showing Lahore police hauling away security barriers from Zaman Park.

Lahore police officials have begun removing security barriers from Zaman Park as soon as PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan left for Islamabad for his hearing in multiple cases.

Video reports are emerging on social media showing Lahore police hauling away security barriers from Zaman Park. This was done as soon as the former premier left for Islamabad, prompting the Lahore police officials to start removing security barriers from his Zaman Park residence allegedly on the orders of the caretaker Punjab government.

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“The removal of the security barriers around Khan Sahib’s residence despite the fact that there is a security threat. The concerned police officers should refrain from such tactics and the barriers should be put back,” PTI leader Mian Aslam Iqbal said.

“People are going to appear in Islamabad with the Chairman meanwhile Maryam Safdar’s caretaker government has stormed Zaman Park. These are people with such small thinking and disgusting mentality that they are going to every extent to harm the personality of Imran Khan,” PTI South Punjab’s Twitter account said.

“Police taking back some security equipment from Zaman Park. Up for an adventure?” anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan said.

PTI has claimed that Imran Khan faces a security threat. Last year, a gunman opened fire on a convoy carrying former prime minister Imran Khan, wounding him and killing a supporter as he led a march on Islamabad to demand snap elections. He was wounded in his lower leg and was stable after an incident described by his supporters as an assassination attempt.

As a result, PTI workers and supporters are concerned for his safety. In fact, when there was a possibility that Imran Khan would be arrested in the cases against him, hundreds of PTI workers and supporters camped outside his Zaman Park residence for days for his protection.

Imran Khan is currently on his way to Islamabad where he is set to appear in at least four separate court cases including the prohibited funding case in a banking court, an anti-terrorism case, and two cases in local courts.

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