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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Sehar Khan called out for labelling Priyanka Chopra’s character in Barfi a ‘psychopath’

The criticism against Sehar continued to spread on X, with some individuals highlighting the significance of choosing one's words carefully.

Sehar Khan is under social media criticism after she called Priyanka Chopra’s role in Barfi a psychopath. She made these comments recently in an interview. In the interview, she expressed her desire to portray a character similar to Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ role in the movie “Barfi,” using terms like “abnormal,” “crazy,” and “psychopath” to describe the character. This choice of words drew criticism from some individuals, who felt that Sehar had used incorrect and insensitive terminology.

One user on a social media platform, X, pointed out that the appropriate term to describe the character in question is “autistic” rather than “abnormal” or “psychopath.” They emphasized the importance of using accurate terminology when discussing individuals with disabilities or psychological disorders to avoid perpetuating negative stereotypes.

The criticism against Sehar continued to spread on X, with some individuals highlighting the significance of choosing one’s words carefully, especially when one’s voice has a considerable influence in a society that often stigmatizes disability. Some argued that Sehar’s age, 23, should not serve as an excuse for her comments, stressing that adulthood comes with responsibilities, including being informed about sensitive topics.

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However, not everyone believed Sehar should be harshly criticized. Some users acknowledged that Sehar’s choice of words was a genuine mistake and suggested that she should be educated rather than vilified. They emphasized her youth and potential for learning from her errors.




Sehar eventually addressed the issue on X, admitting that she misspoke in the interview and intended to express her desire to portray a differently-abled character. She expressed respect for those dealing with mental disabilities and special needs and offered an apology to anyone unintentionally hurt by her words.

This incident serves as a reminder of the complexities of public life. It highlights the importance of using sensitive and accurate language when discussing topics related to disability and mental health. Sehar’s willingness to apologize and learn from her mistakes demonstrates her growth as a public figure. The impact of this incident on her career and her fan base remains to be seen.