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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pakistan to become ‘socialistic and just’ republic like Madinah: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan speaking to a gathering in Mingora, Swat Valley lauded the Sehat Insaaf Card and the New Pakistan Housing projects

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing a ‘jalsa’  in Swat yesterday, congratulated the Chief Minister of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Mehmood Khan, on the ‘Sehat Insaaf Card.’ He said that God would be pleased with Mehmood Khan as he was doing the people’s work.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he commended the efforts of KPK Chief Minister Mehmood Khan on Gabin Jabba, which is on its way to becoming a premier tourism resort. He said that nothing could bring prosperity to the nation as quickly as tourism could. He explained that tourism could change the economic prospect of the region like nothing else.

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“Swat is going to change; there is going to be prosperity here like never before,” said the Prime Minister. He further commented on the tourism industry’s vitality, saying that it would be better for the nation when money flows in from abroad.

“Secondly, KPK has become the first province in Pakistan that is going to provide health insurance to its citizens!” he exclaimed.

The ‘socialistic and just republic of Madinah’

Prime Minister Imran expressively directing his message to the ‘youth’ of the nations said that there are two parts to the ‘Sunat,’ the first being the Holy Prophet’s character (PBUH), of which there is no other example in history. The second part, according to him, is the Republic of ‘Madinah.’

The republic, he said, was based on two main principles: the socialistic and welfare-based nature of the state, and secondly, the justice system that was equal to all citizens. This, the Prime minister said, pushed the small Muslim nation to global heights.

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Firstly, as per the republic’s socialistic and humane nature, the KPK has announced the Sehat Insaaf card, with which all citizens of the KPK will be given a million rupees to be spent in health care anywhere in a government or a private hospital.

Other than this, he said that the government had also launched the New Pakistan housing scheme with which people can purchase houses by paying in increments, the same money Imran Khan said that goes to paying rent can now go to purchasing land, which is a prime necessity for any working man.

“This is such a blessing, and if someone falls sick in a poor family, they become indebted, their quality of life changes, with these people, will not have to worry about healthcare up to 10 lakh rupees.”

He said the government has also introduced the Naya Pakistan Housing Program for poor people to provide them affordable residence. He said the program is being delayed due to litigation. He said reforms would be brought to the education system for a uniform curriculum all across the country. Projects such as this and Sehat Insaaf Card should redeem the poor of the country.

According to News reports, in the first phase, people of six districts of the Malakand Division would be provided free of cost healthcare facilities up to Rs1 million. After launching Sehat Card in Malakand Division, it will be launched in Hazara Division by November 30, Peshawar region by December 31, 2020, and by January 31, 2021, in Southern parts of KP. The government has allocated Rs18 billion for the project. All the families registered with Nadra would be the beneficiaries under the program.

Sehat Card Program would cover at least 6.5 million families in KP. The program would be provided at 83 hospitals, including 59 private hospitals and 24 public hospitals. The number of hospitals will reach 250 by the time it is launched in the whole province.

Imran Khan appreciated the KP government for launching the program and giving health cards to all its citizens.

The prime minister said the opposition was creating hurdles in the development of the country. He said the government was planning to introduce legislation to end the long litigation process so that cases could be decided in one year. He said the country’s economy was on track for growth, and his government was focusing on developing the tourism sector.

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