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Monday, July 22, 2024

Selena Gomez talks about new office for Rare Beauty in recent interview

In a candid interview with Architectural Digest, Gomez shared her excitement about this significant milestone.

Selena Gomez, the multi-talented singer, actress, and founder of Rare Beauty, recently provided fans with an exclusive peek into her brand’s newly designed office space. In a candid interview with Architectural Digest, Gomez shared her excitement about this significant milestone and the transformative power of her brand’s new headquarters.

Realization of Dreams

The workspace makeover signifies a personal and professional milestone for Selena Gomez. Despite her illustrious career, she confessed, “I’ve never had an office in my life, and something about seeing it made what we’ve been working on for so long feel very real.” This revelation highlights the profound impact of a dedicated workspace, even for someone as accomplished as Gomez.

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Awe-Struck by Design

Gomez’s enthusiasm for her brand’s new office space is palpable. She described her initial reaction, saying, “The first time I saw my new office completed, I was blown away.” This visceral response speaks to the office’s unique and awe-inspiring design, which clearly exceeded her expectations.

Rare Beauty Journey

Rare Beauty, founded in September 2020, has had a remarkable journey despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and mental health is at the core of its mission. The delay in the office renovation, while unfortunate, served to make the eventual unveiling all the more special.

Kelsey Fischer’s Artistic Touch

The new office’s design is a masterpiece crafted by Havenly’s Kelsey Fischer, who expertly translated Rare Beauty’s essence into a physical space. The aesthetics of the office reflect the brand’s identity, with a focus on inclusivity and warmth.

Palette of Inspiration

One of the delightful aspects of the office design is the use of color. A decorative staircase has been painted in hues reminiscent of Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blushes. This creative touch not only adds vibrancy to the space but also serves as a daily reminder of the brand’s identity.

Selena’s Personal Touch

Selena’s personal office within the workspace is adorned with mauve curtains, a color that resonates deeply with her. This personalization adds a unique touch to the office, making it a space where creativity and individuality thrive.

Commitment to Well-being

The office design isn’t just about aesthetics. It also embodies Selena Gomez’s dedication to the well-being of her team. The singer emphasized the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere where employees can feel their best. The office is not just a place of work but a space that encourages personal growth and a sense of belonging.

More Than Just Makeup

Selena Gomez’s commitment to mental health extends far beyond the world of makeup. In 2020, she launched The Rare Impact Fund, a monumental initiative with a goal to raise $100 million over a decade. The fund aims to expand access to mental health services and education for young people, reflecting Gomez’s deep-rooted compassion for the well-being of her fans and supporters.

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Gomez’s unveiling of Rare Beauty’s newly designed office space is more than just a physical transformation; it’s a testament to the brand’s core values of inclusivity, creativity, and mental health. The office serves as a daily reminder of the brand’s mission and its commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of young people through The Rare Impact Fund. With Selena Gomez at the helm, Rare Beauty’s office space represents a fusion of art, compassion, and creativity, a space where dreams are realized, and impact is made.