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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Several Clerics banned to maintain peace in Muharram

The month of Muharram has arrived and with it comes the responsibility of the administration to sustain peace during the processions. Pakistan has a history of communal violence during Muharram. To curtail hate speeches, several clerics were banned.

The district administration of Islamabad on Wednesday has barred several ulemas and religious figures from entering the city, including some local clerics to maintain peace during Muharram processions. About 1000 processions are scheduled from Muharram 6th to Safar 19th in the capital. The processions have been divided into three categories: A (14 processions), B (95 processions), and C (72 processions). Category A processions will be conducted in the boundaries of the Secretariat, I-9, Sabzi Mandi, Aabpara, Karachi Company, Golra, and Khanna police. The majlis has been divided along with the same patterns with category A containing 122, category B with 418, and category C with 425.

“In the current security environment of the capital coupled with the threat perception of terrorism, it is apprehended that any breach in law and order due to sectarian violence may be used by terrorists as an opportunity to achieve their objectives,” a notification from Deputy Commissioner (DC) Mohammad Hamza Shafqaat’s office was issued.

The reported ulemas are not allowed to enter, reside or be part of any activity in the city. Their speeches are capable of inciting turbulence and thus a comprehensive security plan has been put into action, as shared by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dr Syed Mustafa Tanweer.

The relevant policy committees have been tasked to maintain in contact with all peace committees and ensure that processions proceed from the directed routes for effective patrolling. Commando vehicles and other security maintenance paraphernalia will be put in use.

Last week, similar action was taken by DC Rawalpindi Aamir Aqiq Khan, who said ulemas known for their hate speeches will not be welcomed on such holy occasions. Unnecessary use of loudspeakers was banned and that action would be taken in case any guidelines are crossed, especially those on covid SOPs.

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Mufti Ramzan Sialvi (Khateeb of Data Barbar) agreed in meetings saying, that we should think collectively rather than individually to make use of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)’s teachings. He also emphasized that  Muharram is a reminder to spread tranquillity and not hate.