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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Several Death threats to Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan

The Bollywood Superstar has twice received death threats, with the perpetrators warning of dire consequences to the actor. The threats seem to be linked with the Blackbuck poaching case of which Salman Khan is accused

Indian actor Salman Khan is issued death threats on Facebook after which Police has initiated probe in the matter. The threat post was uploaded on a Facebook page named Punjab University Student Union.

The threat post carried a photo of Salman Khan with a red cross and the message: “Salman you may think that you are above the Indian law, but the Bishnoi community and Suopu party has given you a death sentence. You are guilty in Sopu court.”


Sopu stands for Students Organisation of Punjab University. The message was posted by Gary Shooter. Salman Khan is scheduled to present in Jodhpur Court on September 27th in connection with the Blackbuck poaching case. The court had mentioned that his bail will be canceled if he is not present in the court on that day.

“The police are on alert. We also gave proper security to the celebrity when he came here for hearing previously. An investigation has been initiated,” said DCP Dharmendra Yadav.

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Earlier in 2018, Salman Khan’s security was tightened after a notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has issued threats to the superstar.

“… what we will do, will do it openly. Will kill film actor Salman Khan in Jodhpur. Then, they will get to know,” Lawrence Bishnoi had said.

Khan has been sentenced to five-year imprisonment but is on bail in the Blackbuck poaching case. In the last hearing court had ordered that if Salman Khan failed to mark his presence on September 27th hearing, his bail would be canceled.

Salman Khan is accused of killing two blackbucks in October 1998 in Jodhpur’s Kankani area during the shooting of the film Hum Sath Sath Hain. Other actors of the movie – Sonali Bendre, Saif Ali Khan, Tabu and Neelam were allegedly also with him.

Earlier, Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre and Tabu have been issued a notice by the Rajasthan High Court in a case related to the hunting of two blackbucks in 1996.