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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Shaan lashes out at ‘Arth’ detractors as movie flops

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Shaan Shahid lost his cool and lashed out at the people on social media who passed negative remarks on his latest release ‘Arth’.

People were surprised with the aggressive tone adopted by the actor while responding to the critics.

Shaan Shahid, who always discouraged Pakistani actors working in Indian films is now receiving massive criticism for his remake of an Indian movie.

The actor adopted a convincingly harsh tone in his long post on social media, which he later deleted.

In his post, the actor strongly defended his movie at every level. He said the movie had a proper script and storyline. But still, he is not able to understand the negative reception against the movie propagated by a gang belonging to ‘Karachi’.

Who is running your account for you @mshaanshahid ? I find it hard to believe this is you. This is just plain incoherent. https://t.co/vJXkeUFhmG

My Managment Handel’s the account and this is not what we wrote but a local journalist wrote it and we posted it

When asked if he actually posted this from his official account, the actor clarified that that controversial post was originally made by the member of his social media team.

The actor though provided clarification but did not dismiss the post that according to many is his silent endorsement of the post.

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Pakistanis did not show much anticipation for going to the cinemas to watch ‘Arth’ but those who did loved the film and especially the songs in it.

Whereas, few still recommend him to beef up the promotions as it still has bright chances of attracting audiences on the weekend prior to New Year’s Eve.

One of the critics questioned the actor “why does he make movies when he can’t handle the criticism?”


Shaan responded to fan tweets against the movie by insulting people online, something nobody expected from the seasoned actor considered a legend in the Pakistani film industry. The film has been a box office flop so far and has not done well with the critics either.