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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Shafqat Mahmood finally cancels all exams until 15th June

Amid Covid surge in Pakistan, Shafqat Mahmood announces decision to cancel all exams till June 15th. This includes Cambridge examinations which will now be held in the Oct/Nov session.

In a recent press conference, Shafqat Mahmood announced that all exams in Pakistan are canceled until 15th June. Students sitting for the O-Level exams in May/June will now take the exams in the Oct/Nov session.

As per an NCOC meeting earlier this month, authorities stated that they will monitor the Covid situation and decide whether or not Pakistan needs strict measures regarding the containment of the pandemic.

However, recently, the country experienced a massive surge in Covid cases which raised government concerns. Authorities urged the public to follow SOPs in order to prevent a situation like India. PM Khan even enlisted the help of the Army to assist the local police to enforce strict measures.

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Despite the grim situation within the country, Cambridge examinations were being held as per schedule which sparked immense criticism from students and parents alike. People began accusing the government of endangering the lives of students.

As fears of a complete lockdown loom over Pakistan, NCOC along with the Education Minister has decided that there will be no exams in Pakistan until 15th June. The government will analyze the situation in mid-May and decide accordingly.

If Covid surge prevails, then exams can be delayed even further. However, if the situation seems under control then exams will be conducted from June onwards.

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Cambridge Examinations will be postponed and will be conducted in the Oct/Nov session, but A2 exams will continue according to the given date sheet as students fear that their year will be wasted.

To further facilitate the students, Shafqat Mahmood announced that the government will coordinate with universities to allow admissions till late January next year.

The reaction

This recent decision has garnered mixed reactions from social media. Many have appreciated this new announcement and are considering it as a win for the students.

However, many social media users are also calling this decision another mistake by Shafqat Mahmood. According to them, instead of postponing exams, the exams should be canceled once and for all and students should be passed based on the teacher’s assessments.

Meanwhile, Matric students are stating that Board exams were already being held in Mid-June therefore this decision is of no use.