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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Shahbaz Gill refuses to eat food in hospital in new videos

In another video released earlier this morning, he was seen arguing with the doctor about refusing to take a meal.

The alleged new videos of Shahbaz Gill refusing to eat in the hospital have emerged on social media. Video of Shahbaz Gill has been circulating on social media since Monday morning. This is another video of Shahbaz Gill released within a span of few days.

Shahbaz Gill is dressed in a blue kameez shalwar. The video shows doctors are trying to convince Gill to eat something. In a two-minute video, Shahbaz Gill refuses to eat the meal provided by the doctors to him in PIMS. The PTI politician said that he does not want to eat and that doctors are forcing him to eat. Shahbaz Gill is on an alleged hunger strike for past three days.

Gill argued that doctors cannot force him to eat. Doctors are seen convincing him to eat since abstaining from food will worsen his health. Gill agreed to take juice and food. He, however, did not finish the meal. At the end of the video he said, he is done with the food and they should now stop recording the video.

In another video, released earlier this morning he was seen arguing with the doctor on refusing to take meal. The videos are released as part of the series began a few days ago following a social media upheaval.

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Earlier, several sections of social media users had debunked the videos of Shahbaz Gill as fake. In another video emerging from the hospital, Gill is allegedly been taken to court covered with white sheets. Police officers held big white sheets on both sides as Gill came out from the hospital allegedly to go to the court.

Earlier, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb in her press conference had claimed that Shahbaz Gill is fit and fine in the captivity and that he has not been subjected to any physical abuse. PTI and a few journalists had claimed that he has been subjected to physical torture.