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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Shahbaz Sharif accuses FIA of harassing him and his son

Shehbaz Sharif appeared at a Lahore court in relation to his bail application. During the hearing, he accused the FIA of harassing him and his son during an investigation. However, FIA has denied all allegations leveled by the PML-N leader.

In a recent court hearing regarding Shahbaz Sharif’s money laundering case, the PML-N leader accused the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of alleged harassment during their investigation.

As per Shahbaz Sharif, the FIA team used explicit language. Instead of conducting the investigation in a cordial manner, the FIA team acted in an impolite manner.

“I stood up from my seat and questioned their behavior,” he added. “In return, the investigation officers made fun and laughed at me.”

Furthermore, Shahbaz Sharif accused the FIA of conducting a baseless investigation. The PML-N leader also said that he already responded to the allegations of taking commissions in projects.

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In this regard, he further stated that he suffered humongous losses worth billions of rupees in his family business related to sugar mills.

He then went on to recall all the profits generated during his time. According to Shahbaz Sharif, the plans implemented during his era helped the National Treasury earn a profit of Rs 250 billion

After hearing Shahbaz Sharif, the court stopped the FIA ​​from harassing Shahbaz and Hamza and extended the interim bail in the sugar inquiry case till August 2.


FIA denies allegations

The Federal Investigation Agency, however, denied all accusations leveled by Shahbaz Sharif.

According to FIA spokesperson, Shahbaz Sharif was treated with the utmost respect and was continuously addressed as the “leader of the opposition.”

During the investigation, he was also offered coffee.

The spokesperson also said that Shahbaz Sharif did not give serious answers to the questions asked during the investigation.

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“If Shahbaz Sharif was asked about billions of rupees deposited in his accounts, he would reply that he had launched Metro Bus and Orange Line train in Lahore. When he was asked why his employees deposited billions of rupees in his and his family’s accounts, he would respond to this saying that he served Punjab a lot.”

The spokesman further said when they inquired about the vehicles and properties he owned then he would tell them to ask these questions from his children.

“He said his lawyers will answer questions about the billions of rupees sent from abroad. He used to gives such responses and said the question and answer must not be made public.”

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