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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Shaheen Shah Afridi calls his fiance ‘my heart’ in latest interview

He was asked if he thinks Ansha Afridi gets jealous of his female celebrities. He said "I am not sure."

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Pakistan’s sensational pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi in his latest interview calls his fiance Ansha Afridi ‘his heart’. The 21-year-old cricketer was in an interview with Sohail Waraich in which he was asked about his marriage plans with Ansha Afridi.

He was the guest in the program “Aik Din Geo Kay Saath” in which Sohail Waraich asked him if he interacts with his fans to which the cricketer replied, he does because it is because of their prayers he performs well. The cricketer revealed that it was his wish to marry Ansha Afridi.

“It was my wish and Alhumdulillah it is fulfilled now,” he shared. “I met her and will meet her soon,” said Shabeen Shah Afridi while blushing on screen.


He was asked if he thinks Ansha Afridi gets jealous of his female celebrities. He said “I am not sure, maybe she feels something like that.” Waraich commented that he has upset many of his female fans after getting engaged to Ansha Afridi that too at an early age.

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At this, Shahen said: “I found my heart and that’s enough for me.” The host asked his plans to get married to which the cricketer replied that he will soon get married. He wants to focus on his career right now and Ansha is also busy with her studies. Hence, he will get married at the right time.

Shahid Afridi also shared his plans of marrying his daughter to Shaheen Shah Afridi.

In an interview, Afridi was asked about plans on marrying his daughter to Shaheen Afridi. The former cricketer said he wants to marry his daughter soon since she is a trouble for him. He said the marriage might take place soon as next year as his daughter has decided to continue her studies. According to him, the decision regarding when to get married has been left to Ansha and Shaheen.