Shahid Afridi caught breaking the law

Netizens posted interesting comments on the advice of Shahid Afridi to increase the speed limit.

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Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi was fined by Motorway Police for breaking the law. Afridi was traveling from Lahore to Karachi when he was fined for over-speeding.

Afridi paid Rs.1500 as the penalty for breaking the traffic rule. He also appreciated the Motorway Police for not favoring him because he is a famous sports personality. “The law is equal for everyone,” he said.

Later the cricketer took selfies with the police personnel. Responding to the news, Shahid Afridi said: “Good to interact with a polite staff at @NHMPofficial and I found them very professional. Also, my humble suggestion is we have very good highways, the speed allowed should be more than 120kph!.”

Netizens posted interesting comments on the advice of Shahid Afridi to increase the speed limit to more than 120 since Pakistan now has good highways.

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“It’s less than 120 km/hr here in the UK with even better roads. Let’s adhere to the laws of the lands we live in with no complaints,” commented a Twitter user.

Another user said that speeding already causing accidents in Pakistan and now Shahid Afridi is advising increasing the speed limit.

A Twitter user posting a hilarious comment said, “Strike rate of 120+ is near normal for Lala.”

Shahid Afridi is famous for his powerful hitting as a batter for which he even earned the title of ‘Boom Boom Afridi’.

Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi tweeted a few days back about supporting the earthquake relief fund for people struck by the earthquake in Afghanistan.

Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan had nominated him for the relief fund. While supporting the initiative, Afridi said, “I’m supporting @rashidkhan_19’s campaign to provide relief to earthquake victims in Afghanistan. Donate now at I nominate @wasimakramlive, @waqyounis99, and @shoaib100mph. Please donate and share. #BackEvenStronger.”