Shahroz defends Sadaf Kanwal

Actor Shahroz Sabzwari defends his family, himself and Sadaf Kanwal in the recent video. He rebutted accusations of cheating Syra Yousuf. Also, the actor strongly responded to the intense backlash on social media.

 What Shahroz Sabwari said?

The enraged Shahroz Sabzwari presented his case in the video. He denied the rumors that  Sadaf Kanwal caused their divorce. He said they have parted ways respectfully. The actor said that he met Sadaf Kanwal months after separation from Syra Yousuf. Shahroz said the matters between him and Syra Yousuf worsened. Hence, they were forced to part ways. Shahroz said that still he did not want to divorce Syra.

The actor said that there were irreconcilable differences between them that made them part ways. He said that he is the father of a beautiful daughter, Nooreh and he is making this video for her to see in the coming years. He said he did not cheat Syra. Shahroz reprimanded social media users for shaming Sadaf Kanwal and smearing his family.

Shahroz Sabzwari defends Sadaf Kanwal

He said the boorish comments of social media users have hurt him. Hence, he decided to speak up to counter the backlash. He said his video will be a proof for his daughter when she will grow up in the coming years. So that she can confidently defend herself and her father when she hears hurtful comments from the people.

He said, “The only reason I am recording this video is to defend my family and myself. something I have a right to. Whatever is being said about my family, about me, I shall guard with my last breath, because I am a righteous man.”

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He strongly reacted to the libelous campaign against his wife, Sadaf Kanwal on social media. He said he will not allow anyone to defame Sadaf Kanwal. Moreover, she is not the reason for his divorce with Syra Yousuf.

Shahroz Sabzwari asks for evidence

He asked people to bring forth the evidence of his alleged extramarital affair with Sadaf Kanwal. He continued, “I stand before my God, the Holy Book and my Prophet (PBUH), and vow that the separation between Syra and I happened in August 2019. The reason for the said separation was never a woman. Sadaf was never a reason for our separation, neither was infidelity.”

He concluded by saying, “I say this again: I will defend the honour of my family and my wife till the day I live.”

Nikkah of Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal

Actor Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal have tied the knot recently. The pictures of the couple’s nikkah pinged across social media yesterday.

Model Sadaf Kanwal changed her name to Sadaf Sabzwari on her Instagram account. The couple’s nikah pictures sparked controversy on Twitter. The posted pictures on Instagram accounts. But they turned off the comments. “Complete,” wrote Sadaf, while Shahroz thanked God.

 The controversy

The news of Sadaf and Shahroz broke on social media last year. But, both denied dating each other. Soon the news of separation between Syra and Shahroz Sabzwari circulated on social media.

These events spurred rumors on social media. A mammoth of social media users sided with Syra and bashed Shahroz Sabzwari for cheating on her. Moreover, they called Sadaf Kanwal-a home-wrecker.

The couple parted ways in December 2019 and divorced in February over “irreconcilable differences”.  But they were already living in separation for six months before the divorce.

Even, Bahroz Sabzwari denied that the rumors of divorce. He said dispute happens in every family while commenting on the difference between the couple. Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari had a seven-year marriage. Yousuf is a Pakistani model, actress, and former VJ. She is best known for her role in Hum TV’s drama serial Mera Naseeb.

Shahroz Sabzwari is a Pakistani actor and model. He gained prominence after appearing in the film Khulay Aasman Ke Neechay. Sabzwari played a lead role in the 2016 TV series Deewana on Hum TV.

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He married Syra Yousuf on 21st October 2012 and had a private Nikah ceremony in Lahore. However, their separation has sent shockwaves in the industry. He married Sadaf Kanwal on 31st May 2020.