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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Shahrukh Khan partners with multimedia giant Netflix to produce new original series

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Shahrukh Khan is set to produce an original Netflix series. His production Red Chillies Entertainment has partnered with Netflix to produce a multilingual series based on a book ‘Bard of Blood’. Khan’s production company known mostly for producing some of the biggest Bollywood films every year takes a new step in producing a Netflix series. 


The young Indian author Bilal Siddiqi has written the book. The book will be produced in an eight-episode thrilling series. Khan will be active as a producer behind the scenes but will not act in the series.

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Shah Rukh said in a statement: “We have always tried to create world-class content and entertainment from India. Netflix has shown that Indian stories have a global audience and we would love to use this platform and its reach to tell more stories.”

The CEO and Founder of Netflix Reed Hasting said: “We are thrilled to work with a brilliant, young writer like Bilal Siddiqi and take his gripping, inventive story telling to Netflix members worldwide.”

The story depicts the struggle of an expelled spy Kabir Anand who comes back from his old life as a professor to come home and save his country and the woman he loves. 

A combination of combat skills, intellectual background, and personal circumstance will propel him to defeat his enemies and win against the deadliest of obstacles.