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Friday, February 16, 2024

Shaukat Tarin and NAB go head to head on accusations

After a statement by the Finance Minister blaming the non-functioning of bureaucracy on NAB, the department has responded, claiming it to be part of the propaganda against it.

Federal Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin’s statement has been termed by The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) as “baseless, fabricated and contradictory to the facts” while advising him to sift through the ordinance more carefully.

The Accountability Bureau said that out of 1,273 references pending in courts, there are almost no cases against the bureaucracy. The allegations aim to discourage the organization, adding that those who work according to the constitution need not fear.

Shaukat Tarin had made a statement regarding the non-functioning of bureaucracy due to NAB. However, it has been strongly condemned by NAB.

The statement said that “propaganda against NAB” was being carried out incessantly to discredit and discourage the bureaucracy. NAB has said that bureaucracy is the backbone of any country. NAB not only respects the bureaucracy but also values its services.

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“Tareen’s statement has been baseless and beyond real facts,” the accountability bureau said in its statement.

NAB claimed that Justice Javed Iqbal had made it into a dynamic institution. “Justice Javed Iqbal has turned the National Accountability Bureau into a functional institution. The bureaucracy needs not fear the NAB, if it works under the constitution and the law.”

There is no need to be afraid of the anti-corruption watchdog as long as the bureaucracy works according to the constitution and law. “The NAB respects the bureaucracy and appreciates its valuable services,” according to the statement.

“NAB and corruption cannot go hand in hand. The Finance Minister is advised to take a thorough look at the NAB Ordinance.”

“Still consistent propaganda has been underway against the National Accountability Bureau and its objective is to blame the anti-graft watchdog and to discourage the bureaucracy,” NAB stated.

“It is an advice for the Minister of Finance to read the National Accountability Bureau ordinance thoroughly. The National Accountability Bureau and corruption could not go side by side.”

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This is, however, not the first instance of a government member speaking out against the NAB. Only a few days ago, Petroleum Secretary Dr. Arshad Mahmood, while testifying before the Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum, said,

“NAB had dispossessed the government officials of the initiative to take decisions.”

“The countries cannot be run like this” but required initiative and enthusiasm, he said, adding that “we are now pitching the proposal that commercial matters be examined by some commercial forum but not NAB on the first cough.”